Friend Parade

We have been very fortunate to have met and made friends with so many truly good and caring people. I have shared stories about many, but have as many stories queued up in an overdue list of pending blog posts. This is mostly because these people are so meaningful to us that I’m afraid my words won’t do their awesomeness justice.

With great certainty I know that the relationships we have developed with those who understand what living with diabetes is, and even some who may not completely relate, are what keep us stable, able to cope and live normal and productive lives. Our true friends are the best therapy that we could ever have. Without these friendships, I am sure diabetes would preoccupy and dominate my thoughts. It’s not that I don’t worry, but I feel my worry is in proper perspective, or at least a better perspective than it would be otherwise.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing these belated stories. I have accepted that although my words might not relay how great these people are, I owe it to them to try.

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  1. Friends are a wonderful thing! I love what you said about helping to keep you grounded. I feel the same way about some very special friends of ours. Looking forward to reading your stories. Happy New Year!

  2. I have always found comfort and support thru message boards. Other people (who are not going thru what you are) just don’t get it and get sick of hearing about it. I will never forget the people on my Babycenter board for miscarriages. I’m not sure how I would have gotten thru what I went thru without those women. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve spoken to any of them, but I remember them often when I see a quilt one friend made me, or a sock monkey (our mascot) that another friend made me. Kinda the same thing with my Yanks website gal pals. Who knew an obsession with Derek Jeter would give me a group of friends (and actually normal, regular people who are moms, lawyers, reporters, etc) to meet up with once a year to watch the Yanks play? I totally understand how necessary your diabetes support group is. I just sometimes feel sad that it’s difficult for me to share that aspect of your life with you. But it’s nice to be able to share everything else! Looking forward to reading about the many people who have helped shape you into the advocate you’ve become.

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