Friend Parade

We have been very fortunate to have met and made friends with so many truly good and caring people. I have shared stories about many, but have as many stories queued up in an overdue list of pending blog posts. This is mostly because these people are so meaningful to us that I’m afraid my words won’t do their awesomeness justice.

With great certainty I know that the relationships we have developed with those who understand what living with diabetes is, and even some who may not completely relate, are what keep us stable, able to cope and live normal and productive lives. Our true friends are the best therapy that we could ever have. Without these friendships, I am sure diabetes would preoccupy and dominate my thoughts. It’s not that I don’t worry, but I feel my worry is in proper perspective, or at least a better perspective than it would be otherwise.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing these belated stories. I have accepted that although my words might not relay how great these people are, I owe it to them to try.


The Magic of Book Buddies

“Book Buddies” is a program in my children’s school where older kids get paired up with younger kids and they spend time each week reading together.  Lila is in kindergarten, Caleb is in 2nd grade and Colin is in 5th.  Lila’s class is paired with a 4th grade class, which to her delight includes a certain love interest of hers, though she is not paired with him as boys are matched with boys and girls with girls.

Caleb knew his class was pairing with a 5th grade class and was disappointed to learn it wouldn’t be with his brother’s. Oh well.

It had been a more challenging than normal D week at school. I stopped by on Friday to pick up something PTO related, and bumped into the school nurse, Mrs. M.  She did as she normally does – talked to me about Caleb’s day, encouraged me, told me how well he handles things – she’s such a blessing. She went on to tell me that something very exciting happened earlier in the day, but she wanted to let Caleb tell me.  She described how absolutely ecstatic he was, describing his smile and elation. Whatever is was, it was big news, because she couldn’t say enough about how thrilled Caleb was. She let me guess and somehow I got close enough to force her to reveal the news.  It brought me to tears.  I’ll let Caleb tell you:

After a fews days of emotional lows, this was a particularly poignant high.  The moments when diabetes actually makes Caleb happy, and to this depth of happiness, are few. I cannot thank Caleb’s and David’s teachers enough for seeing this opportunity, seizing it and making this “Buddy” change.  This will be one of those moments that I know will stick with me, and I’m pretty sure with Caleb as well.

As far as being disappointed about not being paired with his big brother, well that’s completely forgotten.  He can read with Colin any old day.