Insulin Ornaments 2011

Happy holidays to all!

Adding to our tradition of making insulin vials for each year Caleb lives with diabetes, we have our 2011 creations along with some OrnaPods.

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  1. LOVE them! And I love the vial idea, too! We did Ornapods this year but might have to add the vials to our crafting for next year! Super Cute!

    1. This year we used red and green strings of plastic beads. Because they are on a string, I don’t have to worry about sealing the top. Last year’s filler was pompons that I could squish through the top. The ones for prior years include injecting red food coloring to expired insulin and sequins. Merry, merry!

  2. Their must be a clever way to use the batteries in the pod to make the Ornapods blink or something….I’ll think about it.

    When Caleb gets a Joslin medal for 50 years, you’ll need several trees for all the vials…

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