Caleb is my second of three children. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three in January 2007. He has used the OmniPod Insulin Management System since April 2007 and the DexCom Continuos Glucose Monitor since September 2009. He has also used an open source version of a hybrid closed loop system known as Loop.

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  1. Caleb has inspired me on so many different levels! He is amazing! Is there any advice you have for someone who was diagnosed 4 weeks ago, any books?

  2. We need all the help advise we can get..4 yr old grandson. Newly diagnoised 2 weeks..very unstable readings….young parents.I’m so afraid they are not fit to do this for him..not taking it serious, etc. He also has behavior problems….what should I do?? His grandma, my daughter is crying all the time…she wants him but they won’t let her. Need support group info. Can’t find jn my area..st.paul, mn. Thank you..just to write helps me…I can’t sleep I’m so worried now for two weeks

  3. Lorena …. Hello my name is Chiara, I’m Italian and I am the mother of Mia.
    Mia is 4 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes tipe December 1, 2013:-(
    He Animas insulin pump atmosphere from April 2014 to February 2014 by the Dexcom G4 … Right now my biggest problem is allergy to DexCom since March 2014 .. I am very desperate: ‘(I had read that Caleb had the same problem as a child if I’m not mistaken? would like to follow your instructions, patches IV3000, Skin Tac wipe etc … tell me who worked !! really ruined her skin … I hope you can answer me and help, a hug Chiara. You’re a great mom ♥

    1. Hi, Chiara.

      I’m sorry about Mia’s diagnosis. The combination of skin take and cutting the adhesive down worked for Caleb. I’ve since heard of these “Tough Pads” that have worked for Kerri. Just trial and error enabled us to figure it out. Also, a break to allow Caleb’s skin to heal was important. Good luck and ask more questions if this did not help.

      1. thank you, thank you, thank !! I have also written on fb yesterday, and I have sent you two photos of Mia skin … so you had to remove the DexCom for a period prior to the method? for how long? the towel to use as a barrier between the two patches what is it? the skin tac wipes? thanks again Chiara

      2. We didn’t intentionally discontinue use. As we were trying to resolve our issue, we used different areas on Caleb’s body. That gave other areas a change to heal. I’m not sure what towel you are referring to. Where did you see this?

      3. Sorry, it’s just hard to translate from English into Italian … in your blog where you talk of allergy as the initial procedure you wrote: “• apple a barrier wipe on the area ….. then IV3000 and still wipe barrier and IV3000. This “barrier wipe” is the skin tac wipes or something else? … thanks

      4. It could be Skin Tac or a different barrier. We used Bard’s wipes which was exclusively a barrier wipe. Skin Tac not only serves as a barrier, but also as adhesive.

  4. My 3yr old was recently diagnosed on 11-26-14 a day before Thanksgiving, we spent 5 days in the NICU, thinking it was the flu turned into him being in DKA. I’m an emotional roller coaster. But my darling son is taking all the sugar checks & insulin injections so well. Any advice & knowledge is great appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Anna! How are you? Thank you for coming by “This is Caleb.” I am sorry about your son’s diagnosis and for not replying sooner! How are you guys doing two months after diagnosis? How can we help?

  5. I am so encouraged by Caleb’s story! My oldest son, who is also named Caleb, was just diagnosed with T1D in November of last year. He is 4. I am finally at the point where we have a pretty good routine down for him and I have been finding a lot of helpful information in books and on different websites and blogs like yours. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for all the helpful tips and advice!
    It is one day at a time for us…as his mommy though, my mind is racing to worry about what school will be like, and all the challenges he will face. But right now, he really is being so brave and we are trying to make sure he can still do everything that he wants to try as a kid 🙂

    1. Hi, Lesley! Thank you for commenting. I’m sorry to hear about Caleb’s diagnosis. I remember those first months (and years). It’s not easy when it’s new and they are so little. I hope we can connect and share strategies, particularly as school gets going. I found it took a lot of work and preparation. Things weren’t always perfect, but we figured out ways to make it work through those early years!

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