Pendant Power

Of the almost 20 necklaces that are out there, here are ten of them! Thanks to everyone for sending your photos, wearing your blue circle and supporting the cause. Through my request for photos, I learned that my mother-in-law recently purchased one! What a treat to see her picture pop up in my in-box!

You can get one of your own, hand-crafted by Cari (shown below in the upper right) HERE!

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  1. Avon has them (more than one, actually). I was looking online and found this one: – the September one is the one you’d want. But, I bought a different one; one that only came in two colors: blue and pink. But, I don’t see that one there. It was in one of the recent campaign books and I bought it from my local Avon lady. …I didn’t get it yet, or my photo would be there, too. ;o)

  2. Can’t find the exact same diabetes awareness pendant on her website. Looked under here awareness jewelry and all pendants. But one pendant called “circle of water” and the other called “indicolite blue” are blue circles symbolic of diabetes and can be purchased. Please have owner put the awareness pendant on her site. I will probably buy the indicolite one…. it’s beautiful and meaning should be clear.

    1. Hi Julia, I just clicked on the link and it’s the first item listed. When you tried it might have been before Cari had a chance to relist after a purchase. Could you try again and let me know if you see it?

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