OmniPod and T:Slim Offers for Animas & Roche Customers

Both Insulet Corporation and Tandem Diabetes Care have created welcome programs for Animas and Roche customers to try their pumps at reduced costs. Roche announced the discontinuation of their insulin pump in the US earlier this year. Animas announced their exit last week.

Insulet Welcome Program


Qualified customers can trial the OmniPod system at no cost at all for about a month (as long as ten Pods will last). More info here: Insulet offers no cost Welcome program to Animas and Roche users.

Tandem Diabetes Care offers theΒ Touch Simpicity Today Pump Access Program:

For a limited time, eligible Animas pump users can use a Tandem insulin pump for the remainder of their Animas warranty, up to 24 months, for a one-time payment of $999. This amount can be credited to the purchase of a new Tandem pump and/or supplies at the end of their current pump warranty period.

More from Tandem Diabetes Care on Animas’ decision to exit the pump market here.


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