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Like last year, Caleb is writing the posts this week. I do the reading of blogs, not him, so yesterday he was silent. 🙂

Now for Tuesday’s post…

This year I am taking more control of my diabetes, especially at school.

For example: I call my mom to tell her about my blood sugars, I do my checks, administer corrections and determine my lunch bolus by myself. I am getting better at treating lows. Sometimes my suggestions don’t work out so we change stuff for the next day. Now, when my mom tells me to up or lower my basal, I know what to do!

If feels good to do more on my own and I hope to keep taking more control of my diabetes this school year and the next.

by Caleb

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  1. Caleb, I think you are a very responsible young man. You really do a lot to care for yourself, and as the mom of girl who is 9 who also takes care of herself, I know how much time and effort that takes. It makes me proud of you. I just wanted you to know. Penny

  2. Hi Caleb! You’re doing a fantastic job! I’m so happy for you that you have found some control. I think the inability to control your situation can cause a lot of upset in the diabetic kid – I see it in my 7 year old son. I think he would like to be more in control; especially at school. But, this year, the nurses have been learning and aren’t, yet, willing to relinquish that control themselves. Do you think for 2nd grade he should start doing some of his boluses himself with just nurse supervision? You’re the expert here. You tell me. 🙂 Keep it up, kiddo. You’re an inspiration to other kids like you. ❤

    1. If he feels comfortable with doing bolus’ then I think it’s a good idea. If he’s not, wait till third grade. I knew I was ready when I turned nine. Good luck and thank you!

  3. You go, Caleb! Keep up the good work. We are always so proud of you. You are OUR hero. We love our Huskers but we love you more! Ritzdorfs

    1. Thank you Ritzdorfs! I hope we will meet again soon! Go Yankees! – Caleb

  4. Well done!! My son is close to your age, he will be 9 in June. You both rock! You are the true superheroes of our time!!

  5. Hi Caleb,
    I just finished my first year with diabetes and I learned a lot from the videos you made…. they helped me decide to use the Omnipod and Dexcom. I saw that if you could do it, I could too!


    1. Dear Jack, That’s right Jack – you can do it! Everyone that has diabetes can do this with us! I’m glad the videos helped. They were fun to make. 🙂 – Caleb

  6. Great job, Caleb! My daughter, Virginia, is your age too, so I know it’s a lot of action taking care of diabetes at school. You’re awesome! 🙂

  7. You are awesome Caleb! I am terrified about the day that our son Joshua has to go to school with type 1. Keep it up!

  8. glad to see your post here Caleb! are you doing a pod change on the stairs in that pic? awesome! iwhen i was talking about which blogs i thought people should know about, my 12 yo daughter wanted me to definitely include this blog, thanks to posts from both your mom and you, and the videos you make together. thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw – that’s great. I’m so glad to have friends like you and your daughter. Thanks for including me in your post. – Caleb

  9. Way to go Calab! Such an important life skill and you are rockin it already! Trial and error is how we learn…awesome job!

    1. Trial and error IS how I’ve learned a lot. I like your message. – Caleb

  10. I love reading this Caleb, thank you for sharing about how things are going for you. You give us d-mama’s such peace of mind 🙂

  11. Caleb, you’re a few years ahead of Josh, who is just 8. He’s only had D for 2 years now, but since he was diagnosed I have been able to use your videos to help him see someone else doing the the things he had to do and would some day do. You’ve been a great example for him and a role model, and I see you still are! Thanks for keeping on posting things for us. You’re doing something important even if you don’t realize it. You rock!!

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