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Caleb counting carbs in 2010

Caleb’s post today is very direct and to the point, so I’ll chime in with my own need for improvement: I need to let go. I’ve made great strides in this area this year, but I can’t take credit for this. It’s because Caleb is taking on more and allowing me –  almost forcing me – to let go. I’ve been able to drop him off at places other than school knowing he’ll be okay. It’s because he is okay with it. When he’s not worried, I’m not worried.

But I have yet to be away from him overnight since he was diagnosed. That will change this week. It’s a big deal for me. I’m anxious about it. I’ll be happy when I’m on the other side of it because I know it’s something that will benefit us all. At least I think it will…

Now to Caleb…

I think I could improve upon counting carbs. I want to be doing all my carb counting by the end of 2012. Right now, I feel like mom counts a lot of my carbs. I want to do more on my own.


by Caleb

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  1. Learning to let go is SO HARD and so vital to our children growing up happy and healthy. I’m so proud of you to be working at it — that’s hard enough (even facing you have to slowly begin to do it trips many up!) I’m here for you any time — been there, done that. It’s even what the session I am teaching at FFL is about. Also — your son is so cute!

  2. It’s the hardest thing we do, letting them go, trusting that everything will be just fine. There’s no words I could write that will take away your worry, so I won’t even try. Just know that Caleb will be stronger because of it.

  3. Just one more hurdle to get over. Maybe you can get Mrs. Moriarity to be an overnight babysitter! 🙂 You both will do fine, even though you will not sleep a wink and will text him hourly “how’re you feeling, you feel low?”

  4. OK…seriously…we need to get these two together. Same-same. It has been a year of massive growth in the “independence” dept. Good luck with the sleep-over. We haven’t had that happen yet…we are ready though!!!!

  5. My parents were the exact same way, it was really hard for them to let me go, until I was about Caleb’s age. Still hard for them sometimes to know I’m dealing with this away from them while at school, although the fact that its an hour and a half away eases their minds (as opposed to both my sisters who went to school 4-6 hours away). But I know Caleb will be awesome at his sleepover 🙂 He’s had an awesome teacher for these past 5 years!

  6. I agree…letting go is so terribly hard. But don’t they just amaze you with their responsibility at such a young age? My little guy is 9, diagnosed in July of last year. I remember the first time he stayed overnight at a friend’s house after being diagnosed. I didn’t sleep a minute. Thank goodness we are blessed with his best friend’s mom who is willing to text me non-stop with info about blood sugar results, carbs he will eat and other stuff. That makes it easier.

  7. Caleb, I have no doubt that you will be doing all your own carb counting by the end of the year. Mom, I have a feeling you will always have some worrying in you, regardless of how well Caleb does. I hope you get some sleep while he is away this week!

  8. i love the way you say that his confidence makes you more confidence. it’s so true in my life as well, but i’ve never thought of it like that. rock!

    also rocking? caleb striving to count more carbs. you can do it dude!

  9. Counting carbs can be difficult, even the best of us mutli-taskin’-mama’s can be thrown for a loop with carb counts on a variety of food items. I’ll bet by the end of this year you’ll feel a lot more confident in your carb counting skills 🙂
    As for letting go, that is a toughie – Isaac just started his big gymnastics class, the first non-Mommy-n-me one and it has been rough on me. I think it is just baby steps, good preparation for each situation and knowing that you’re leaving them in skilled trained care 🙂 All will go great I am sure!

  10. i made the picture bigger to see what he’s eating, so we can eat the same things and be more like caleb!

  11. Thank you everyone. Just talking about the goal has gotten Caleb to do more carb counting. As far as the sleepover, it’s me who’s leaving the nest for a couple of nights. 🙂 Thanks for all the votes of confidence – they mean a lot!

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