Diabetes Snapshots. Of Caleb and more.

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Diabetes Snapshots

One of those magical moments.
Caleb being Caleb.
4 months worth.
Test strip fun - a younger Caleb.
Filling an OmniPod syringe.
World Diabetes Day
WDD Big Blue Test - brotherly solidarity.
WDD - Lila with blue nails.
Lila emulating Caleb.
These are Caleb's numbers on his 7th birthday.
In the t-ball field with Dad. Always a watchful eye both on the call and on Caleb.
Heading to Yankees stadium. We had a great save on pretzel carbs by the Twitter team. Click to read.
WDD - Hands encircled in blue glow.
Total support - Caleb with father, brother, sister, mother.

Day 1 – A day in the life of…diabetes

Day 2 – Making the low go.

Day 3 – Your biggest supporter.

Day 4 – To carb or not to carb.

Day 5 – Let’s get moving.

Tomorrow’s topic: Dream a little dream.

23 Replies to “Diabetes Snapshots. Of Caleb and more.”

  1. Oh what a sweet and beautiful family you have! Gorgeous pictures and love the brotherly solidarity! Great snapshots of your life with the D. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and all your sharing this week. Thanks for all your support and your advice, it means a lot.

  2. Great memories! I wish I had pictures like that from when I was Caleb’s age with diabetes (tried to find ones from Camp Banting – but camera’s weren’t a big thing in my days). Glad to see that D is effecting Caleb the way it did for me at his age – nothing should ever stop you from doing what you want!

  3. I love your pictures and your family!!!

    You inspire me to put more photos on my blog. You will love looking back at your adorable family!

    Have a great weekend, new friend!

  4. A wonderful family! Those family pictures are truly snapshots of diabetes….families are the front lines of it all.

  5. I loved these pictures – thank you for sharing!!!! I always love when I get that “perfect” 100 on my meter too!!

  6. I am 15 years old and i was diagnosed about 5 months ago. I just took my 1st class for the pump. i just got the pad thing on to try and see if Im comfterable enough with it. It’s gonna take awile but im hoping to get the pump soon. I usually am not emotional but just watching the video on youtube almost had me in tears. It really moved me… I want you to know I will be keeping him in my prayers. GOD BLESS you and your entire family.

    1. Dear Chris Romen,

      I too am looking into getting a pump (getting tired of the needles!) and I am wondering what pumps you are looking into?

  7. Caleb is a wonderful kid who is very humble and I would like to tell him he ROCKS for doing all this. I look up to Caleb only I am 11yrs. old and was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes there are few people at my school with diabetes Coltrane,Karlee and I have type 1 diabetes.So whatever hope is out there I try and grasp because not many can relate to how it is but when ever I feel sad I just come online and read Calebs blogs! Tell him I said “Hi” and keep on blogging!!!!!!

  8. I got 85 as my blood sugar once and I showed my whole family but nowone else but me took it so seriosly!!! Just a nod or a slight grin?! They didn’t understand it was a big deal to me! I am the only person in my family to have type 1 diabetes.

  9. LOVE all the pics!! i think that one of Lila in b & w could win you a prize of some sort!…no kidding, it is really awesome!

  10. Awesome pics of Caleb. He’s always smiling! He is such a great kid. I love that you included the whole family, since D affects not just the diabetic, but everyone around them.

  11. Hi ! Thank you so much for the suggestion. i have started a post about how frustrated I am and then I read your comment. I think I will try that. That may be the perfect solution. My f ingers are crossed. Has Caleb ever had any other pump besides the omni and if so how does it compare?

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