Let’s get moving. What Caleb thinks.

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Let’s get moving. Exercise . . . love it or hate it?

Running the bases.

I like to play baseball and to swim. Playing pickle with my dad and brother is fun. Sometimes I eat something before I go outside to play so I don’t go low because running around makes my blood sugar drop. Before I go to baseball, my mom gives me something extra to eat so I won’t go low during the game.

DexCom helps because if it buzzes low I know I’m on the way down and I just check my sugar. I might take a sugar tablet or drink a juice box if I’m low. Sometimes it’s a pain because I want to play instead of doing it. It really doesn’t get in my way though. I still do the things I want to do and I don’t need to stop doing them.

Activity did not pose a problem with Caleb’s blood sugar until about a year ago. Last summer Caleb swam almost every day. I have concluded that swimming is more potent and has a faster onset than any insulin out there on the market. It has been the hardest activity to manage, but we do it because the alternative – not swimming, playing baseball or generally living a full life – is simply not an option.

Chilling out in the pool.

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Tomorrow’s topic: Diabetes snapshots.

15 Replies to “Let’s get moving. What Caleb thinks.”

  1. I’m loving all these Diabetes Blog Week posts in Caleb’s words. He has such a healthy attitude. I want to be like him!

  2. AWWW…Joe is “Mr. Active” TOO – I think it is wonderful, but definitely a challenge to manage. I wish I could just have him inhale sugar as he was running around the playground, playing soccer, playing hockey, etc.


  3. We are also working hard to adjust carb/insulin when Tristan is really active. We have found that in the summer we can disconnect the pump for a few hours and Tristan will still go low…. got to love the sun and running around! 🙂

  4. Swimming throws us for a loop too. I really have to check her often and give lots of snacks.

    I could see the CGM really being a help during ball games.

    I’ve debated using a reduced basal rate during exercise, but for most of her activities, the extra snack seems to work fine.

  5. “not an option” to not be active. great outlook for your entire family.

    (some days I’d like to harness the energy I had in childhood…)

  6. Matthew loves to be in the pool, too. That’s where we spend most of our summer.

    I foresee lots of sleepless night trying to figure this out. But it’ll be worth it because he loves it so much!

  7. My son loves to climb trees, kayak , and bike. These things all really reduce his bg. We are learning to use these fun things as part of his treatement and he is thinner and happier than he was before diagnosis.

  8. I love the way Caleb just says, “it’s really doesn’t get in my way though.”


  9. I’m so glad that Caleb doesn’t let any of this stuff slow him down, and I know it’s not easy to manage diabetes and exercise on your own, much less second hand. I hope that when Caleb is old enough to deal with this on his own, that there will be a better way to deal with it…either way, I know he’ll be well-prepared with everything he’s learned from you.

  10. I love that Caleb can be a kid first, and your ‘we’ll figure it out and make it work’ attitude about his activities is awesome. Thank goodness for the time we live in! I couldn’t imagine only knowing of other diabetics through the grapevine and not having so many other people to rely on for support and advice.


  11. Lorraine,
    Your family’s attitude really encourages me as I manage my own family’s activity level and what they can do. Sometimes I feel I should hold back to be “safe”, but when I see Caleb doing so many great things, it encourages me to make it work somehow for my girls.

    Keep up the great work & I love the blogs.

  12. “It really doesn’t get in my way though. I still do the things I want to do and I don’t need to stop doing them.”

    Awesome, encouraging words, Caleb!! 😀

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