Let’s get moving. What Caleb thinks.

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Let’s get moving. Exercise . . . love it or hate it?

Running the bases.

I like to play baseball and to swim. Playing pickle with my dad and brother is fun. Sometimes I eat something before I go outside to play so I don’t go low because running around makes my blood sugar drop. Before I go to baseball, my mom gives me something extra to eat so I won’t go low during the game.

DexCom helps because if it buzzes low I know I’m on the way down and I just check my sugar. I might take a sugar tablet or drink a juice box if I’m low. Sometimes it’s a pain because I want to play instead of doing it. It really doesn’t get in my way though. I still do the things I want to do and I don’t need to stop doing them.

Activity did not pose a problem with Caleb’s blood sugar until about a year ago. Last summer Caleb swam almost every day. I have concluded that swimming is more potent and has a faster onset than any insulin out there on the market. It has been the hardest activity to manage, but we do it because the alternative – not swimming, playing baseball or generally living a full life – is simply not an option.

Chilling out in the pool.

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