Carrying Case | OmniPod & More

I’ve found myself many times balancing Caleb’s OmniPod case on my leg, having just stopped in the middle of the grocery story, the amusement park, the baseball field – you name it – to check a blood sugar right then and there with no place else to rest it.

The PDM does not fit in the space meant for it when it has the skin on and well the skin is made to protect it, but it’s not all that protected when it’s just resting on the clear plastic/elastic strap that’s meant to keep it safe but no longer can.  Are you feeling my quandry?

We’ve been using a new case (pictured here) for the last couple of weeks, and I’m quite pleased.

Case packed with all the essentials

I’m able to fit all of Caleb’s regular stuff in this one place. The angle of the picture doesn’t properly show it, but there’s a two inch rim around the entire section where the PDM is so nothing falls out. There’s even room to spare. You could include an extra Pod and a vial of insulin or a small tube of glucose tabs, even a glucagon kit. Another thing you can’t see well in the picture is a movable divider between the PDM and the Multiclix.  This can be removed or moved within the case to tailor to what you need to pack.

This is the case that goes wherever Caleb goes.  It has all the must-haves, especially when I add the glucose keychain on the zipper pull.  It’s neat and tidy.

At first I felt a little vulnerable without those elastic straps holding each piece in its proper place, but I’ve found the rim on this case precludes that need. Nothing falls out.  Have I mentioned that already?

There are three things, however, that I think could improve this case:

1. Color, pattern, decal, colored zipper – something with color. Anything with color.

2. A zipper compartment would be great for the small things. I put all those little things in a snack sized ziplock bag and tucked that in the mesh pocket that closes with a velcro patch.  It’s slightly more cumbersome to access, but I rarely need those things in there, so it’s not a problem.

3. A less slippery fabric or some rubber stoppers/feet on the back of the case. It’s slippery just like all the black meter cases out there.  So even though nothing falls out of it, balance and coordination are still needed to make sure the entire case doesn’t fall off my leg.

If you like to keep your PDM in the carrying case when you check your sugar, this case isn’t for you because of that rim. Caleb or I always bring the PDM to his blood drop rather than bring the blood drop to the PDM, so it’s not an issue for us.

Neat and tidy

Both the carrying case and the keychain are from ReliOn and are sold at Walmart. The case is $7.99 and the key chain is $1.82.  The case also comes with a nice flat cold pack if you need to keep your insulin in it.

Happy Podding and/or carrying! 🙂