Glucagon Mini-Dosing | Caleb’s Recap #vlog

Our friend Bill from is hosting the “Pay It Forward Program”. Bill is a diabetes video master. He, in conjunction with has created this program to get video cameras to people who might not otherwise have access to one. If you’ve always wanted to create a diabetes related video, but couldn’t get your hands on the proper equipment, now’s your chance to let your creative ideas and energies flow. See Bill’s site for more info on the program.

Because we love all things Bill, Caleb signed up for the program, we received one of Bill’s Mino HD Flip cameras and we went to work. After considering a few ideas, Caleb felt the story of his mini-glucagon experience was an important one to share.

You may have read my version of events yesterday. Here is Caleb’s recap. However, I warn you, this may not be appropriate viewing if you are the slightest bit squeamish. This video was created by Caleb, a seven year-old boy with a typical seven year-old boy’s sense of humor. Please keep that in mind should you dare to proceed.

I decided not to discourage Caleb’s creativity as he was particularly enthusiastic about his ideas. I apologize in advance. 🙂