Let’s get moving. What Caleb thinks.

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Let’s get moving. Exercise . . . love it or hate it?

Running the bases.

I like to play baseball and to swim. Playing pickle with my dad and brother is fun. Sometimes I eat something before I go outside to play so I don’t go low because running around makes my blood sugar drop. Before I go to baseball, my mom gives me something extra to eat so I won’t go low during the game.

DexCom helps because if it buzzes low I know I’m on the way down and I just check my sugar. I might take a sugar tablet or drink a juice box if I’m low. Sometimes it’s a pain because I want to play instead of doing it. It really doesn’t get in my way though. I still do the things I want to do and I don’t need to stop doing them.

Activity did not pose a problem with Caleb’s blood sugar until about a year ago. Last summer Caleb swam almost every day. I have concluded that swimming is more potent and has a faster onset than any insulin out there on the market. It has been the hardest activity to manage, but we do it because the alternative – not swimming, playing baseball or generally living a full life – is simply not an option.

Chilling out in the pool.

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Tomorrow’s topic: Diabetes snapshots.

Making the low go.

Just part of the stash.

Thanks to everyone who checked in yesterday! Caleb really enjoyed reading all your comments. He sat and smiled and even chuckled out loud a couple of times. He has no idea what the food police are, but he found that reference downright hysterical.

It was great to read all your Day 1 posts and the different ways you all went about describing your day in the life of diabetes.

Caleb’s contribution today is most definitely short, and undeniably sweet!

Day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Making the low go. Tell us your favorite way to treat a low.

Caleb’s top choices in his words:
Mom, it really doesn’t matter to me. I use lots of sugar tablets. My favorite is apple because they are sour. I use them especially at school because it’s easy, but I also like:



yogurt covered raisins,

sour Skittles,



sugar cubes,

sugar packets,

Swedish fish,

dried apricots

and pretzels.

That’s it – quick and to the point.

Unsealed and ready to go.
Unsealed and ready to go.

I try to unseal all the containers as soon as I get them so I don’t have to waste time with those nasty buggers when Caleb needs sugar FAST!

As a side note, Caleb says they are easy, but he’s told me before that he prefers glucose tabs at school because they appear more like medicine.  It makes him uncomfortable to eat a “treat” or drink juice around the other kids since they don’t also get to indulge (or perhaps its more like avoiding the envious eyes around the classroom).

If you missed it, Day 1 – A day in the life with…diabetes.

Tomorrow’s topic: Your Biggest Supporter.

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