Caleb, a part of the CURE | #ffl11

Caleb was very excited to find his face in the CURE at the Diabetes Research Institute booth during the Friends for Life Conference. When someone found their picture in the banner, they were given a sticker claiming those bragging rights. Caleb wore his with great pride. He is in the lower right of the U Рimmediately to the right of the blue ribbon in the picture above.

Back to real life this week, Caleb chose to wear his Friends for Life shirt and was saddened to realize that the sticker got lost in the wash. Sorry, buddy. I was on a mission to turn the laundry around quickly when we got home.

Lila apparently heard Caleb’s disappointment and went to work without any of us knowing. Shortly thereafter, she presented Caleb with a replacement which he wore just as proudly.

You can see everyone who is a part of the CURE at the DRI site here.