World Diabetes Day Awareness Video | #dblogday

This is the 6th annual D-Blog Day as inspired by Gina Capone. This year’s topic: 6 things you want people to know about diabetes.

I think this video has at least 6 things that I want people who surround Caleb to know about diabetes, type 1 in particular.

I made this for the purpose of creating awareness at Caleb’s school.  It will be shown this Friday to more than 800 students as part of our World Diabetes Spirit Day. It’s already been distributed to the school’s staff to start the awareness momentum going.

By getting these simple facts out to the people that Caleb spends his days with, and doing so with the benefit of the beautiful, eye-catching WDD images, my hope it to further foster an environment of support for him while he is at school.

Here’s the flyer distributed to announce our 2nd Annual School Blue-Nity Day:

Thanks to the International Diabetes Federation for the use of their photos in the above video.

Thanks also to Karen for her blue rings!