#Dexcom #G4 Range

This was a-ma-zing! Rather than be on the edge of my seat about whether the dinner underbolus was too conservative or if the fact that he started sweating three minutes into the game would make him plummet, I sat smiling at the pretty dotted line that kept updating me during the game no matter where he was on the court. He could play and I could monitor. Bliss!

I was CERTAIN I had no chance of the range reaching my bedroom from his. We are on opposite ends of the house, and unlike the basketball court, there are several walls in between.Ā But it reached. Just over 50 feet. It didn’t consistently read from my nightstand, but within arm’s reach on top of my covers it got a signal ALL NIGHT LONG. Sa-weeet!

Then I thought I’d go hog wild and see what happened when he was in bed upstairs and I was two floors down in the basement watching Modern Family with Dave. Consistent signal. No more running up and down two flights to check and see what the extra songs of Just Dance did to his blood sugar. Holla!

We’ve had it just over a week. In addition to the amazing range, it’s simply slick looking and I could barely pry it out of Caleb’s hands for the first several days. He calls it “Hawkeye” after one of his favorite Avengers. He mentioned that Hawkeye’s “real” name is Clint Barton which is strangely similar to Clara Barton for which the diabetes camp where we spent a week as a family is named.

It’s probably too early to comment on accuracy, but I have to say, the experience has been very good thus far. It’s missed a couple of lows, but I think that’s due to the typical delay between interstitial fluid and blood. What we haven’t had are those riding along without a care in the world thinking everything’s wonderful until the fingerstick comes up with a 250 situations yet. I could really get used to this. I’m afraid I may already be used to this.

And did you notice my World Diabetes Day blue fingernail? šŸ˜‰ I didn’t think so.

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