#DArtDay | Fun and Games!

So, I accumulated a bunch of supplies, mostly used, and threw them on the dining room table. With only a little brainstorming with Colin and Lila, Caleb came up with the idea of depicting our cabin from DCamp – Rainbow Ridge:

Rainbow Ridge and all its occupants at family DCamp 2010

He included test strips as stairs, batteries as smoke detectors (I guess there were smoke detectors in the cabin, but I don’t remember), a sun, boats off to the right and lancets representing our family, the two other families, the counselors who bunked in the loft and the nurse coming through the open Pod-door for BG checks and insulin.

Colin created a simple test strip homage to camp:

Camps Barton and Joslin Forever!

Lila made what she called a Pod Blob:

Pod Blod complete with adhesive clouds and a surprised, O-mouthed sun.

Then she was inspired to create a game of chance that works as follows (for 2 or more players):

– Select a Pod.

– If the Pod has a test strip stuck to the bottom, you get to keep it and take another turn.  If there’s no strip, play continues to the next player.

– The player with the most Pods at the end of the game, gets the batteries in the middle as a prize.

Pod Game of Chance

Here’s Caleb with a WaveSense winner:

WaveSense Strip - go again!

And Lila with a Freestyle one:

Another winner!

I joined in and made a simple flower:

Pod Flower

In the middle of it all, Caleb rocked the 100!

Diabetes Art Day 100

Colin, Caleb and Lila were amazingly excited about what they could do with these supplies.  It was a fun time. Thanks Lee Ann for the inspiration! Happy Diabetes Art Day to all!!

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