Holidays and Diabetes | Guest Post Accu-Check Diabetes Link

Caleb Christmas 2012When I think of managing diabetes with the holidays, my initial reaction is that it’s just like any other day – one blood sugar at a time. But when Rob asked me to write a guest post on the subject, I realized we do handle things a little bit differently.

“Holidays: When a Kids Job is to Just Be a Kid” posted today at Accu-Chek Diabetes Link.


Diabetes Parenting Week at Life of a Diabetic | Guest Post

Christ Stocker who writes The Life of a Diabetic, held a special guest blogger week featuring parents of children with diabetes. Included in the line-up are:

Bennet Dunlap of YDMV who speaks about the FDA

Wendy Rose of Candy Hearts Blog who shares a story about diabetes intuition

Scott Benner of Arden’s Day who discusses how kids need to be kids

and myself with how we handled the transition from summer days at home, to structured school days these past couple of weeks.

Hop on over to Chris’ part of the interweb and take a peek at what they all had to say.

Thanks, Chris for another opportunity to guest post. It’s always an honor.

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Caleb’s Take on #Diabetes at School

A week from today my kids head back to school. Summer always seems to go by far too quickly and this year is no exception. In recent years I felt like summer was cut even shorter with the time I spent getting forms, schedules and plans ready for Caleb’s care at school. This year I’ve been able to rely heavily on the groundwork that’s been laid in the past and the benefit of meeting with key school personnel back in May before the school year ended. Although I’m still getting some ducks aligned this week, it’s with a little less anxiety than other years. The fact that Caleb is older and more experienced plays a huge role as well.

Caleb and I had the opportunity to Discuss Diabetes with Laura from Sanofi. She wanted to know how we plan for school and what Caleb’s days are like managing diabetes while there. I invite you to read Caleb’s first hand perspective at Sanofi Diabetes’ Discuss Diabetes blog. My interview can also be found there, although if you only have time for one, I’d go with Caleb’s.

To all those kids who are heading back to school or to the many who have already started, equipped with sharp pencils, new notebooks and plenty of carbs, you have my best wishes for a productive, fun and safe school year!


Happy Mother’s Day!

A special weekend post for Mother’s Day thanks to I wasn’t familiar with this series of videos before Amy contacted me. I got a chuckle out of them. My “mom of a D-Kid” version doesn’t quite measure up, but I am so thankful for the response it’s gotten – thank you!

For all moms who will do anything to support, advocate and love their kids above all else, particularly my mom, from whose example I have learned how to do this, this is for you.

Talking with Tony

Tony Rose, of Blogging Diabetes

My good friend, Tony, of Blogging Diabetes, asked to chat with me for his Podcast today. I told him he was crazy, because I’m a babbler, but he still went through with it!

I was so excited to talk with Tony. I feel like he and I have been friends since the beginning. He’s one of the first people I connected with on twitter and we hit it off immediately. He’s smart, analytical and kind. He’s a caring dad and husband. But he’s a Red Sox fan. 😉

In the podcast we talk about:

– Caleb’s diagnosis and the impact on Colin and Lila

– Dealing with diabetes at school and advocating for your child

– Letting go and giving your child more responsibility

my favorite: standard deviation

– the awesomeness of Team Type 1 and the tip I got from Tony’s podcast with Phil Southerland

– and so much more.

I only wish I didn’t babble so much and Tony spoke more.

I’m going to reveal the special surprise Tony had for me at the end – a short little interview with Caleb. I had no idea. It was so nice to hear the two of them chatting. Caleb, however, is nice and succinct, not like his mom.

So if you dare, I invite you over to Tony’s blog, if not to listen to me, to listen to any of his amazing podcasts, and if nothing else, check out his great video on standard deviation!

What Some Would Call Lies with Mr. Mike Lawson | Guest Post

Mr. Mike Lawson

I am pleased to direct you over to Mr. Mike Lawson’s blog, What Some Would Call Lies, for a Guest Post of mine today.

Thank you Mike for inspiring me to write about some concerns Caleb recently voiced. Also, thank you Kim for your “You Can Do This” project which allowed for the chance for Caleb to voice those concerns in the first place.

My Certainty is You, Caleb

“He’s Yours for a Reason” | #dsma Guest Post & #SibsofDKids

I’m honored to be a guest blogger at Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, a venture that Cherise created and moderates and of which I have the privilege of being an advisory board member.

As luck would have it, it coincides with the Sibs of D Kids event that Sherry and Lexi put together. One of the points of my post is how I try to balance my relationships with each of my children as equally as I can.

So I ask that you visit me over at DSMA to read about the inspiration behind my Twitter handle, Colcalli: Caleb and his D-Sibs, Colin and Lila.

Have a fun Sibs of D Kids day!!

Talking with Dr. Francine Kaufman about STAR 3


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You may have heard the announcement of the results of the STAR 3 study last week. Amy of Diabetes Mine had a hot-off-the-press post about it here. I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Francine Kaufman of Medtronic about … Continue reading