Many, many thanks | He’s back on US soil

fullsizeoutput_21117So much has happened since my last blog post which was a call (cry) for help. I was set on a path that took up every spare moment of my attention to prepare for Caleb’s trip. He has returned, and I’m relieved to say that diabetes actually cooperated!

Before I get to the details of what we did, I need to thank the many people who made it happen:

Alicia, who gave me the direction and pushed me off the starting line, encouraging me every step of the way.

Melinda, Jacquie, Linda, Meri, Karen, Gina, Alicia again and my other friend, Alicia, who were so very generous in sharing supplies and/or pointing me in the direction of where to get them.

For so many others – Liz, Nancy, Kim, Scott, Mike, Donna, Kay, Lisa, Michelle, Isabelle, Laura, Laura, Bill, Jennifer, Cara, Chasiti, Sarah, Brandi, Bridget, Deanne, Anne, Christine, Emily, Mariana, Eddie, Michel, Jen, Natalie and Bennet – who were extremely kind and gracious when I contacted them asking them for help, or who reached out to me offering it.

Melissa, Cliff, Pete, Kate, Katie, Hristina, Scott, Tim, Terry, Dragan, Tia, Jeremy and Jeremy and so many others on Gitter and Facebook who provide feedback, guidance, direction in times of desperation, and who have selflessly committed so much time, energy and knowhow to create learn and/or continuously improve technology and freely share it and their knowledge with others!

My dear amici, Marco and Chiara.

Dana and Scott, for starting this revolution.

Ben West and others behind the #wearenotwaiting movement.

Nate Racklyeft for creating Loop, with what looks like some significant inspiration, support and assistance from Pete Schwamb who continues to support and update Loop with tremendous improvements.

Since Caleb was diagnosed, I have used his older brother, Colin (who does not have diabetes) as my guide – if I would let Colin do it, I will let Caleb do it and make diabetes work into whatever “it” is. Taking a trip to Europe at the age of 14 for 12 days with no one trained in his care (or that he even knew) was not something I imagined coming up as a possibility. I’m not sure I could have made it work without all the people mentioned above.

Thank you for allowing me to keep this commitment to Caleb. This community is made up of the most determined, caring and selfless people I have ever met in my life. Mille grazie!!

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