iPhone Medical ID

Apple Medical IDThis is not new, although it’s new to me. As soon as I saw Meri post about it, I got this set up on my phone and Caleb’s phone.

Caleb has just about every form of medical ID there is. Caleb is not consistently compliant with wearing any of them. I know – it’s important. I can’t think of many times when he is not with people who are acutely aware of the fact that he is T1D, but there are times where the awareness is more general, and there’s the fact that he has the peanut allergy thing as well, not to mention if we crash and are all unconscious. He’s aging as a middle schooler; high school is just around the corner. He’ll continue to become more and more independent, so he’s got to become more compliant…

Caleb’s phone is with him always. The iOS health app allows for you to set up an emergency medical ID page that is accessible even if your phone is locked (there is the option to disallow) and first responders are becoming more and more aware of this. In addition to checking for bracelets and necklaces, they are checking phones.

Setting this up allows for you to be detailed about medical conditions and treatment – things that don’t always fit very well on a jewelry charm – and the ability to directly call emergency contacts listed.

For more information and instruction check here and here, and also note the mention of weighing the risk of privacy.

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