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IMG_7213The Grid-It works well for the “rig” (the dexcom and uploader combination that feeds the data to the cloud). It fits precisely in Cal’s CMC Urban Day pack. There is some vulnerability to the DexCom receiver’s usb port. To avoid damage, it’s important to keep the connection of the cable to the receiver immobile and intact. The Grid-It does that well.

There is a 3D printable case developed by two men who are members of the CGM in the Cloud Facebook group. The case holds the Moto G, the DexCom receiver and a special cable very snugly to limit any movement. You can either buy the case from them or download the file for free to print a case yourself, if you prefer. They also offer a DexCom only case which keeps the cable secure if you are using a different uploader but still want added strength to the DexCom usb connection.

Here is their video which shows how you put the DexCom/Moto rig together:

I got our case that you see pictured here through a local printer I found on 3D Hubs. The case was $24 and the cable was $26. IMG_7218Everything is snug. Very snug. I’m not sure I’ll ever be taking the receiver out of this case. I am getting used to taking the phone in and out of it to charge. It’s a tighter fit than what is shown on the video. Could be due to the printer, speed of printing or some other 3D print variable I’m not familiar with that results in variability in the product. It’s not l light. So although it can be worn as a lanyard with a case, it might be a little uncomfortable, but people are doing it.

The people contributing to this project are simply amazing. Such heart and soul are being given freely to make the lives of people with diabetes better. An update to the NightScout website, called Brownie, was rolled out yesterday. It allows for a Care Portal where care decisions can be documented and shared easily. We started using it this morning. I’ll post more about it soon!

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  1. Wow. For those who keep their Dex and uploader back-to-back, this looks PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to get Tyler up and running on this whole thing. …And you started it, Lorraine. LOL! From following your posts about how Caleb has been doing, you sold me. Then, my friends in our T1D support group did a whole presenatation about it Tuesday night (3 of them are on, now). I’m in the process of getting the Dex. After that, the supply list will be purchased and we’ll be on our way to the cloud!! WOO-HOO! Thanks for posting all of this. xoxox

    1. That sounds great, Janet! I am really impressed by this support group you have!!! Amazing!! I’m excited for you guys!

      1. I’m very lucky. We have a very large, loud, happy, progressive (obviously) group. The kids LOVE being there every month almost as much as the adults do. 😉 I can’t wait to get this going!! My friend, Christine, is going to help me set it up. She is willing to hold a class, even, if we have enough people!

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