What’s in the bag and what isn’t

Here’s what Caleb carries inside his new PDM case: IMG_4569 This bag is about just the essentials. As a middle schooler, the essentials are little bit more than when Cal was in elementary school. He can no longer rely on stashing things in his desk since he’s in numerous classrooms throughout the day. Backpacks are not allowed to be carried during the school day and access to his locker is limited to arrival, lunch and dismissal. So the essentials are pump, blood sugar testing supplies and a variety of carb options. Going clockwise starting with the PDM we have:

  • OmniPod PDM which serves as both his pump controller and his blood sugar meter.
  • Test strips.
  • Lacing device.
  • Peanut free granola bar.
  • Sugar tabs and sugar shot.
  • Gu.
  • Emergency glucose gel.
  • CGM in the Cloud Rig.

Other things that may also be found in this bag are: phone, iPod, more carbs, and the Dexcom receiver. Not in this bag are the backup emergency supplies. We have a separate pack for those things that I typically carry with me. If I’m not with Caleb, he’ll keep it in a backpack. There are duplicates of these things kept in a bin in the nurse’s office when he is at school. IMG_4572 Here you see (and perhaps don’t exactly see):

  • Extra Pods.
  • Insulin.
  • Glucagon.
  • Epi-pen.
  • More emergency glucose gel.
  • Benedryl.
  • Flexifix and scissors.
  • Extra lancets.
  • Insulin pen needles.
  • Various wipes and tape: IV 3000, Unisolve, SkinTak, alcohol.
  • A business card with my contact information.

For those of you interested in the bag and all it’s compartments: IMG_4540 1. Main zippered compartment where Caleb keeps most of his stuff. It is the height and width of the bag and about an inch and a half deep. 2. Back zippered compartment which is also the height and width of the bag, but is not as deep. The CGM in the Cloud Rig fits precisely perfect in this compartment which is quite fortuitous since I hadn’t even considered CGM in the Cloud when I purchased this bag. 3. Nice flat zippered compartment on the back. Caleb will sometimes slide his iPod here for easy access. 4. Front zippered pocket in the front flap. 5. Another flat zippered compartment on the front of the bag. 6. Mesh zippered pocket. 7. Side flap pocket which could hold a lip balm with a little wiggle room. Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.02.25 PMI know I already said my next post would be more on CGM in the Cloud, but my next post really will be more on CGM in the Cloud. I got several questions on the bag, so I thought I would squeeze this post in first.

The CMC Golf Urban Pack is available at Amazon in three different styles.

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  1. I want a backpack like that for when I travel. Looks like you’ve got everything well organized, even if it’s awful that he needs to carry so much. Good luck this school year. Great post.

  2. Lorraine, Thanks to you we finally have the perfect bag for my daughter’s supplies! After reading your last post I went straight to Amazon and ordered 2 CMC Urban Packs. They arrived yesterday, and she loves them (thank goodness). It has been difficult to find a bag that is big enough to hold everything securely, but small enough to not be burdensome to carry around middle school all day. Most importantly, however, is that they passed the cool but cute test!

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