World Diabetes Day 2013 | DSMA Twitter Chat #wddchat13

Original creation by Lorraine of thisiscaleb
Original creation by Lorraine of

Two years ago, Caleb and I made this photo. I’m happy to see that is actually comes up as an image when “World Diabetes Day” is googled and that people choose to use it as a profile photo or just share in general.

I made the above this year as a cover photo size. You are welcome to use and share this also if you wish.

Today is Dr. Frederick Banting’s birthday. We honor him, the man who discovered insulin in 1921, by recognizing World Diabetes Day on this date every year. One of my favorite parts of World Diabetes Day is the lighting up of all the buildings and monuments around the world in blue (feel free to share the video linked here). They are not only beautiful, but the recognizable images with the blue hue screams unity and support, which I love.

Today DCAF is hosting an all day twitter chat. I will be moderating the 11AM EST hour and the topic will be “Letting Go Yet Still Involved”. I know it’s not all that catchy, but hopefully it at least connote’s the intent of the chat. 🙂

Please join in at any time and Happy World Diabetes Day to one and all!


Diabetes Awareness | World Diabetes Day from Lorraine Sisto on Vimeo.

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