“High Blood Sugar Demon” and more by @madeulookbylex

I came across Lex yesterday when I was doing a little research on a curling wand.

Lemme ‘splain – since creating my own Barbie head which compensated for the one Santa never brought despite requesting one year after year (yes I’m talking about Lila) I’ve been doing various hair things which brought me to this particular investigative work.

After watching the review by Lex, and enjoying her presentation, I looked at her other YouTube videos and was surprised to see one titled “High Blood Sugar…”

Yup, Lex has type 1 diabetes. Oddly, I found this pretty cool. That’s morbid, right? But Lex seems cool, so it seemed cool to just “come upon” this tidbit about her when I actually was not looking for it, ya know?

And check out this video too – she TOTALLY nails it!

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