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This was a-ma-zing! Rather than be on the edge of my seat about whether the dinner underbolus was too conservative or if the fact that he started sweating three minutes into the game would make him plummet, I sat smiling at the pretty dotted line that kept updating me during the game no matter where he was on the court. He could play and I could monitor. Bliss!

I was CERTAIN I had no chance of the range reaching my bedroom from his. We are on opposite ends of the house, and unlike the basketball court, there are several walls in between. But it reached. Just over 50 feet. It didn’t consistently read from my nightstand, but within arm’s reach on top of my covers it got a signal ALL NIGHT LONG. Sa-weeet!

Then I thought I’d go hog wild and see what happened when he was in bed upstairs and I was two floors down in the basement watching Modern Family with Dave. Consistent signal. No more running up and down two flights to check and see what the extra songs of Just Dance did to his blood sugar. Holla!

We’ve had it just over a week. In addition to the amazing range, it’s simply slick looking and I could barely pry it out of Caleb’s hands for the first several days. He calls it “Hawkeye” after one of his favorite Avengers. He mentioned that Hawkeye’s “real” name is Clint Barton which is strangely similar to Clara Barton for which the diabetes camp where we spent a week as a family is named.

It’s probably too early to comment on accuracy, but I have to say, the experience has been very good thus far. It’s missed a couple of lows, but I think that’s due to the typical delay between interstitial fluid and blood. What we haven’t had are those riding along without a care in the world thinking everything’s wonderful until the fingerstick comes up with a 250 situations yet. I could really get used to this. I’m afraid I may already be used to this.

And did you notice my World Diabetes Day blue fingernail? 😉 I didn’t think so.

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  1. Actually, I DID notice the fingernail!! LOL! …Our son has a MiniMed. And we tried their CGM (and corresponding MySentry) April – June, unsuccessfully. We ended up sending it back. My question to you is: how well does it stay ON him? We had issues with it coming off no matter WHAT we tried. And how difficult is insertion? The MM caused my son severe pain even with Emla cream. The Dexcom is intriguing. But, I know MM is supposed to be coming out with the newer version soon. So, I’m not sure we’d attempt to go the route of the Dexcom when we know the one that communicates with his pump IS coming, eventually. …But, you’re piquing my interest. lol!

    1. You must be good at I Spy! Perhaps this will help put in perspective how it stays on him – we’ve recently had two sensors on him for twenty-eight days. It required flexifix tape to reinforce – we keep an eye on it – but it was pretty effortless.

    2. Please do not hold your breath on the MM new pump and Enlite. Could be awhile. FDA is unpredictable at best. We have had nothing but problems with MM and are sending it back 4 months into it. Customer service takes 30 MIN!!!!!!! just to talk to someone. Ours had two motor error within 3 days. Completely unusable and had to revert back to Lantus. Thank you so much for the reply on the G4 I am excited to give this a try. Has to be so much less painful.

  2. Just curious, is it the same adhesive? We really miss our dexcom but my 3 y/o is definitely allergic to the adhesive;(
    Mom to Max 3 (dx 1/11) and Jack 5

    1. I can’t say for certain if the adhesive is exactly the same. It appears it is. We had some terrible problems too. We came up with a fix (see added link in the post above) but I believe that Caleb actually grew out of whatever allergy he had. I still use barrier wipes, but I don’t have to take all the steps I used to and he’s been able to wear it for much longer periods of time without any reaction. I’m sorry – I know how frustrating that allergy situation is.

  3. That is awesome. 🙂 We just got the G4 and had the same happy surprise – it picks up from our room, and I can stop hovering right on the edge of the Aikido mat. Nice when quality of life improves that little bit!

  4. The range is a wonderful thing, although since my receiver is usually with me I don’t take full advantage of that feature but knowing it’s there is a comfort. The only thing I haven’t noticed which I think was specifically mentioned was sensing lows faster. It has missed a few for me in the past 2 weeks.

  5. Thanks for the review, Lorraine. I do think this is a game changer for all T1 kiddos who use it, and their parents. The range gives access and knowledge we didn’t have before using the Seven+. Love the fact that the basketball game was so far and you still got readings!

  6. AHHHHH! I LOVE this post! Yay for basketball! And I’m excited that I just might be able to keep mine on the sideline while I play during lunchtime! With the current version I just leave it in my locker because it can’t get a signal.

    I should have mine pretty soon!

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