#WDD Powerhouse Family for Awareness in Minnetonka

I’d like you to meet Sarah, Virginia and her family. They held a far-reaching awareness campaign at Virginia’s school last year. This year they are extending their reach farther through their school district.

In addition to showing the Monument Awareness Video to all students in classrooms, in 2011 they made and distributed blue ribbons to the entire school population – more than 1,200. They also created an awareness card with facts about diabetes and a fun word search – how creative!

Sarah also went around the nine district schools to hand out ribbons to administrators and nursing staff. She was received warmly and even hugged by one of the school nurses who is type one herself.

In preparation for this year’s World Diabetes Day, Sarah has had students flowing through her house almost nonstop making another enormous inventory of blue ribbons.

They are incorporating the Big Blue Test into their plans as well and have the potential to have an enormous impact to help people with diabetes in need.

Here’s a very recent update on their preparations and an added element to their campaign from Sarah, herself:

“We’re in full swing with WDD!! Attached is a pic of some middle schoolers and the display they made in their front hall. (My daughter Abby is far left.) We’ve also added a neat step for middle schoolers called a “caring chain.” Every student will receive a ribbon, info card, and strip of blue paper. On the paper they’ll write 1.) a wish/hope for people with diabetes and 2.) someone they know know has diabetes (eg., “my sister Virginia”). Then the service club kids are stapling the 1000+ strips into an enormous caring chain to hang through the halls (and hopefully stay up for a while). It will help personalize the day, inspire compassion, and leave a lasting project in the school.”

I’m totally and utterly inspired by and in awe of Sarah and her family’s effort, dedication and spirit for diabetes awareness. All these photos and messages are hers. Give them a look and try not to be equally inspired!

Visit their newly created website for more on the great things they are doing: Tonka Diabetes Day.

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