#Diabetes Art Day and #DSMALive Parents Talk

This is a #TwoBits post.

Bit numero uno

It’s Diabetes Art Day! We have embraced Lee Ann Thill’s philosophy that the only measure of success is participation. I opened the drawer of D supplies and was uninspired. All I could think of was Pod flower petals and we’ve done that before. I asked Caleb if he wanted to create something and he said, “Sure”. He pulled out one of his favorite things to play with – Bucky Balls – and went to work.

We have art imitating life:

Real blood, but he cheated on the bg. He was actually 151. Me thinks he needs a reminder to rotate fingers for finger sticks.

So if you haven’t already, create your own piece of art and post it at Lee Ann’s website www.diabetesartday.com and check out all the other wonderful submissions.

Bit numero dos

I’m so very excited to be co-hosting another episode of DSMA Live Parents talk with Bennet Dunlap, moderated by founder Cherise Shockley. Tonight our guest will be Hallie Addington who authors The Princess and the Pump. I enjoy reading Hallie’s blog – she keeps me informed and entertained, and inspires me with her commitment to advocacy and awareness. I hope you will tune in tonight at BlogTalkRadio at 9PM EST and hear what Hallie has to say.


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