Tip for Documenting Pump Settings

This is probably a very obvious thing to do, but I want to share anyway…

Caleb and I maintain a chart of his bgs and a schedule of all his settings in a spreadsheet using “Numbers”. I have this application on all our iOS devices and any updates made to one device automatically update to all the other devices.

I love the graph I can make of his bg history. I showed Caleb’s school nurse his stats one day. Her response was, “Wow! You should get him a shirt with a picture of that saying, “This is how my week went, how about you?”

A recent three week period of Caleb’s bgs. Legends intentionally left blank.

Occasionally, I find myself wanting to record his settings but can’t take the time to update the spreadsheet. An example was this weekend when I made a few adjustments to his IC ratios while sitting in church waiting for mass to start, or the night before ROI camp when I wanted to be sure I had all his settings up to date before he hit the slopes the next day with his PDM is his chest pocket.

I’m often tempted to press the home and on/off buttons of the PDM simultaneously to take a screen shot. But since that’s an iOS device function not a PDM function, I do the next best thing – take photos of the screens on my phone.

Now I’ve got a permanent record of the settings that are most important to us. I can either just keep these photos in my gallery or use them to update his spreadsheet when I get the chance.

4 Replies to “Tip for Documenting Pump Settings”

  1. Cool idea! I have mine written on a chart on my fridge at home, but this is better since you’d have it with you all the time! 🙂

  2. Good idea. My PDM failed a couple of weeks ago and I lost everything. I did have a Co-Pilot download from a couple of weeks back that I used as the basis for rebuilding the settings, but it was a pain.

  3. That is a fantastic idea Lorraine. After leaving my note book at a hotel room last week (still waiting for hotel staff to say “found it” – I mean – who the heck would want a note book full of diabetic stuff???). This had ALL my records in it of settings/etc. I’m going to start doing what you do !!!

  4. That is a good idea! Much better than the screenshots of my good and bad Dex graphs that my phone stores right now 😉

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