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After an initial few busy weeks of summer, we’ve slowed down and little and I’ve been able to get a bit organized. I’ve also started Pinning like a mad-woman and am enjoying it. I have folders and notebooks of magazine clippings I’ve collected over the years and have perhaps acted upon 5% of them. Pinning has brought that process to an organized, easily accessible and actionable realty for me! Wahoo! Here are some of the foodie things I’ve been up to in just the past two weeks.

1 – I made my own creamer – yummy!

2 – Oatmeal packets! So easy and when I double the recipe for my kiddos, 70 carbs a packet – perfection!! I don’t think Caleb’s eaten anything else for breakfast since we started making these.

3 – I will never boil an egg again, although when I see the baking soda trick for easy-peel eggs, I’m a little tempted.

4 – Egg muffins – easy to just crack in the muffin pan and add whatever you want, but I prefer the mix first variety inspired by Alexis. Use your imagination on this one – the point is individual servings and made in advance.

5 – Potato rounds – slice with a mandoline and super easy from there. Each round is one 1 or 2 carbs!

6 – This chicken dish is beyond easy. Huge raves from the crowd here although I suppose anything baked with a stick of butter can’t be too bad. I’m planning to make my own Italian seasoning from another pin, but for this one, I used the packer. Oh and I didn’t melt the butter – just cut it up and threw it on top.

7 – Holy Hannah this salad is delicioso! Sweet and spicy!

8 – White Castle!!! The key to mimic that White Castle flavor is the onions. These buns are more robust than the real thing, but still were great and gobbled up by all!

9 – My absolute favorite so far is the mason jar salads! Just love this! I prepared these while prepping lunch one day and tailored them to everyone’s preferences. We had them that night with number 8 and the eggs were prepared as per number 3 above. Oh and I almost forgot! The dressing is what I’ll make bonus number 10 – will never buy prepared salad dressing again!!!

Happy Pinning!

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  1. I am in awe. You rock. I don’t cook. Well, I cook enough to get by. I just want Rachael Ray, or you, for that matter, to show up at our door at meal time and hand me something.
    I am way impressed, Lo.

  2. Wow. The eggs in the muffin tin. I feel kinda stupid. So simple and perfect for two lazy, stay home alone during the summer, would starve rather than fix food, T1D girls I know.

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