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Can you tell who uses his more?

I can’t remember if I first heard about Road ID® from Harry or Gary – they both wear them. But I do remember later hearing about it being used as a medical ID for kids from Reyna – that woman is full of helpful tips!

For years, Caleb used silicone bands that were engraved with all the critical information right on the band. He had several colors and patterns and he loved them. It was always a very sad Caleb that got off the bus with a broken band in his hand when one bit the dust.

The price for those bands got to be a little too much for my liking and although Caleb still had several in inventory, I kept my eyes peeled for an appropriate replacement. Road ID® fit the bill!

Santa had the same idea. He brought both Colin and Caleb Road ID®s this past Christmas. They each have the Wrist ID Thin with several different colored bands to switch out. Colin has one because he runs and bikes by himself quite a bit. The difference between Colin’s and Caleb’s is the extra info of “Type 1 Diabetic/Peanut Allergy” on Caleb’s.

How can I not love the fact that something that Caleb needs because he has diabetes is something that non-D brother Colin needs too? Surprisingly, this was one of Caleb’s favorite Christmas presents, and Lila actually felt a little left out that Santa didn’t bring her one. (Her birthday is coming up though, and it’s on her list).

I must mention that their customer service is amazing! Santa used their measuring chart to determine what size band to get but he must have been drinking spiked coco because the one he chose was a bit too big. Getting them replaced was easy and pleasurable. They have our family’s business for life.

Caleb had his Road ID® on at TriCamp and guess who else wears one! 😉

I just ordered another and was reminded that they contribute a portion of your purchase to an organization of your choice – I chose JDRF!

I just got a coupon promo code if you plan to place an order for $1 off! ThanksLorraine17663773

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    1. The 2nd link goes directly to the site – I don’t know what the deal is with the preview thing. But, click on the 2nd instead of the first and you’ll go right to the picture. 😉

    2. What information do you have on the Road ID? With kids I am a little hesitant about having too much information for the wrong person to have access to. Also I am assuming you put the medical alert as the first line since it is the most pertinent information? One last question. Have you asked Road ID for a promo code for people ordering because of your blog?

      1. It differs by child and is entirely up to you. They all have my phone number. Colin’s has our address, and Caleb’s has his T1D and peanut allergy alert. Their prices are so reasonable – no I haven’t inquired about a promo code. You can google “coupon code” for Road ID – I just got $1 off my most recent order. Shipping is also incredibly reasonable. 🙂

      2. I use the same information that’s on his MedicAlert bracelets. The only extra info I put on there is that he wears a pump. Here’s what his says:
        CALL (800) 625-3780
        MEMBER# 100XXXXXX

      3. Oops. I spelled “OF” wrong. It does say “in case OF emergency”. 😉

  1. I have had to replace bands too and they are so easy to work with. I like that your Santa drinks “spiked cocoa”! 🙂

  2. I recently started wearing a Road ID because I walk in the evenings after work. I used to carry my DL but would forget to put it back in my wallet. Ooops! I have Type 2 Diabetes as does my 83 yr old mother. I got her 2 Road IDs as well just in case she misplaces one. I’ve also got some for my 82 yr old aunt who lives alone and a friend who also lives alone. We have several different styles, all interactive. Road ID is not just for athletes, but for anyone who wants peace of mind.

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