The Case of the Missing Sandwich

Packing lunches for school may be the most dreaded thing about the school year for me. Often I pack as much as I can the night before to make for speedy prep in the morning. One morning, Caleb was unusually proactive and got his things all packed up, including grabbing his lunch box out of the fridge, without being asked. We hustled about with the rest of the morning routine and everyone was off to school as usual.

Caleb boluses for lunch before he eats. On this particular day, he carried out his prelunch bg check and bolus and joined his class in the cafeteria as normal.

He opened his lunchbox to this (a re-creation):

Just a little panic.

When I make the lunch the night before, I don’t make the sandwich. I prefer to make it fresh in the morning. Typically, I am prompted to do so when I take the boxes out of the fridge to pack them. Since Caleb did this step that day, no prompt for mom. No problem for Lila – she had a yogurt parfait all packed the night before. Colin’s school provides a full hot/cold buffet and salad bar each day. So it was only dear ol’ Caleb left with this dilemma.

Of course for Caleb this is more than just a matter of maybe not having enough to eat resulting in a grumbly tummy that afternoon. His lunch carb tally included a sandwich and the bolus that he already received included those thirty carbs. The blood-sugar-reducing insulin was already in the works.

Caleb alerted his amazing school nurse. The cafeteria staff, knowing full well about Caleb, graciously put together a sandwich for him. Everything turned out wonderfully. This was just the slightest of bumps.

Other than my bruised momma-ego, that is.

For the combined fourteen years of packing school lunches, I have never before had this little snafu. And won’t likely have it ever again!

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  1. Love those school nurses and lunch ladies. Our school went so far as to switch our daughter’s lunch time with another class when I voiced concern about her early lunch time!

  2. Gotta love school nurses! Glad she rallied to the cause. I am impressed with the little squares f nutrition. I suck at packing lunches and cannot wait for the day that I pack no more. Seriously.

  3. OOOOh, this is that silver lunch box you were talking about? how cool! What is the little square? A fig newton?

  4. LOL!

    My mom, brother, and I all had to be at the same school at the same time. My dad did my hair but we usually didn’t take the time to think about packing lunches. The school lunches were moderately healthy at the time. Now they have a different fast food option each day.

    Can we hear more about this lunch box? Looks cool!

  5. That looks like my planetbox. Love that thing! I usually forget the salad dressing in my little dipper container that never fits in my box. 😃

  6. When I was in eighth grade, I took out my lunch like I did every day (there was no humalog for me at the time, so a bolus/shot were not a concern). Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a stapler! I don’t remember what happened, but I do know that I had a lunch!

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