The Sugar Shot | Emphasis on Shot

The test strip vial in the front of Caleb’s PDM carrying case does not contain test strips. When we empty vials, I take off the label and either put them in the dishwasher or collect used test strips in them.

The ones that go through the dishwasher are used for Sugar Shots. The idea came from Reyna who got the idea from “J”.

Sugar Shot: Clean test strip vial filled with Nerds (number one ingredient is dextrose) for the treatment of low blood sugars.

Thirteen is the lucky number for us in terms of the number of carbs. Reyna’s is fourteen. Thirteen/Fourteen. Toe-may-toe/Toe-mah-toe.

Here’s an email of a recent exchange between Caleb’s school nurse and myself. Caleb has been calling me with his course of action rather than the nurse calling me. When he does this, I email Nurse R to keep her in the loop:

Caleb’s going to a new school next year with a new nurse. I will miss R’s sense of humor. 🙂

12 Replies to “The Sugar Shot | Emphasis on Shot”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! That’s hilarious: sugar sh*t. 😀 …I LOVE the sugar shot idea with the empty test strip vials, though! GREAT idea! I’m always looking for stuff to keep in my bag that doesn’t melt or get squashed. This is perfect!! Thanks!

  2. That’s great idea Lorraine! I will definitely use this idea. As you know, I’m new at this and could use all the help I can get;)

  3. I always thought about a way to reuse the strip containers, but I would never have thought to use them this way to combat lows. Nice tip also on Nerds being made mostly of dextrose. It is hard in the summer to find options that dont melt! Thanks!

  4. Funny 🙂 and a great idea – a whole lot cheaper than the Dex 4 Liquid Blasts we buy at around $2/each/15g. Will definitely be buying some Nerds today – thanks!

  5. I keep a vial for used strips but hadn’t thought of the Nerds until the D-Moms started posting/tweeting about it. You guys are brilliant even if your spelling stinks 😉

  6. I love the idea of using the empty vials for Nerds. I have a problem with over-correcting my lows and having something pre-measured and ready to go would help me out a lot. Great post!

  7. Sugar Shits are the BEST! Most of the test strip containers are water tight too. We have had a couple of them leak while swimming, but that is it. Thanks for the link Lo. ❤

  8. WOW nerds?? how fast do you notice them kick in? do you feel like he drops after it or does it hold him for a while. Joshua would love that and I would love that I am not “filing” him up with other stuff!! THANKS for the idea!! Ps we use a tic tac container for our used strips! it is perfect!!

  9. We’ve been on vacation for the past week and are heading home today. We’ve used the sugar shot idea the whole week. Thanks!

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