Caleb’s OmniPod® PDM & DexCom™ Carrying Cases

When Caleb is at school, he keeps him PDM with him wherever he goes. Over the years the way he transports it from place to placed has changed. When he was younger it was the sole responsibility of the teachers to make sure that it was with him at all times they carried it. During this past year that organically changed to him being responsible for it – not officially, but practically speaking, he’s the one with it. The exceptions are gym, recess or any other event that requires him to be active. The teacher is still responsible for it in these cases

When he was in preschool, we used a hard-drive case to keep his PDM and essentials safe. When he started elementary school, his regular OmniPod® case was carried around in a cinch sack. That was kind of big, although not bulky. His school nurse suggested one with an NYY symbol, so that made it “cool”.

Then last year when we were in Florida I found a little bag in the golf supply section of the ESPN store of Downtown Disney. I liked it because it seemed cool and a little more mature. It’s like a mini back-pack. The fact that it opened from the top instead of like a notebook seemed a little awkward. I kneeled in the store and assembled all of Caleb’s necessities in it to give it a test drive. It seemed do-able, so we gave it a shot.

It’s the only bag he’s used since and we currently have no intention of switching. It’s just the right size to hold everything he needs. It’s sporty and somewhat “hip”. We’re on our second iteration since the first was getting worn out.

So here’s what it looks like with his Dexcom™ receiver in his SPIBelt™:

DexCom in SPIbelt™ with Caleb’s OmniPod PDM carrying case

Here is everything that is kept inside the PDM case:

All the necessities that must be with Caleb at all times including his bg/dosing chart

View of the case from the top when it’s packed:

Caleb’s PDM case with main compartment open – chart, PDM, strips and poker at the ready

Separately I carry his insulin, extra Pods, glucagon and his EpiPen (peanut allergy), wipes, syringes in a different case. The school nurse also keeps a glucagon and EpiPen in her office. As Caleb has grown, he carries the Dexcom™ receiver in his pocket about as much as he uses the SPIbelt™.

The case is the CMC Mini Day Pack™ and it comes it lots of colors and also a few patterns.

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  1. Glad you have a great bag that works. When our little gal started podding in Dec. we had to replace the ugly black case immediately. The blog A Sweet Grace suggested a super cute cosmetics bag that I found on Amazon. As soon as I realized that the bag was perfect for us, I ordered a back up bag. I am glad I did because now I can’t find it anywhere. We have a friend who will start podding soon and we are sad that we can’t suggest this one to her. It is really unique 😦

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