Lilly Diabetes’ Once Upon A Time Contest Winners! #ffl12

20120703-103822.jpgDo you remember Lilly Diabetes’ Once Upon A Time Contest announced at last year’s Friends for Life Conference? I am pleased to announce that the Schuhmacher family won and is headed to this year’s Friends for Life Conference!

Congratulations to Meri, Ryan and boys. I know you’ll have a blast. Be sure to visit Gary Scheiner’s sessions and have a great time at the banquet! I wish we were headed back this year so we could meet in person!

Winners of Lilly Diabetes Once Upon a Time Contest Announced

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  1. I’m thankful I was able to attend one of Gary Sheiner’s sessions! Thanks for sharing this, it was a bit of a crazy trip, but one we were blessed to take!

    1. Yay! Meri! I wish had gone a little smoother. Please know my thoughts continue to be with you all even though I don’t always comment on your updates. I’m keeping watch and keeping you all close to my heart.

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