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Caleb writing today’s blog post.

I want non-diabetics to know that even though I have diabetes, I can do anything I want. Non-diabetics should also know that diabetics are the same as all people, just they have to monitor their blood sugar.

Non-diabetics shouldn’t think that we got diabetes from eating too much sugar; it’s just a disease that scientists haven’t discovered a cure for.

They should also know that diabetes isn’t contagious.

Diabetics are the same as everyone. Just because we wear pumps and take carbs to treat lows doesn’t mean we’re different.

It makes me feel sad when people go around thinking that we ate too much sugar so we deserve this disease.

We don’t deserve it. It just happened.

by Caleb

18 Replies to “What Caleb Wants You to Know | #DblogWeek”

  1. Caleb! THank you for standing up for all of us with this post. What you wrote sums it up perfectly.

  2. It almost seems type 2 should have a different name altogether so people could understand they are such very different diseases. Caleb, you don’t deserve to have diabetes, but you are teaching so many others, in so many ways b/c you do.

  3. Thank you everyone – it brightened my day when I read your posts. I’m glad we can all be on the same team – Caleb

  4. Caleb you are such an inspiration – you obviously deal with your condition so well, and speaking as someone who was diagnosed as a child (7), ten years on it hasn’t stopped me achieving anything – I really hope you achieve everything you want to in life, as you deserve it 🙂 I’ve also tried to use it as a positive thing: yes most of it is pretty rubbish, but it has made me a stronger person and made me want to appreciate everything in life, as I never take anything for granted.

    All my best wishes 🙂


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