Fantasy Diabetes Device | by Caleb #DblogWeek

Caleb and I got a hoot out of Ginger Vieira’s post last week. Just the night before, Caleb was talking about how he and Ironman were similar because they both checked their blood for their health and they both wore Pods to keep themselves alive.

So today’s pompt was right up his alley…

My fantasy diabetes device would be The Ironman Suit (used by Tony Stark) with diabetic supplies in it.

The suit would have an insulated inside that would hold and automatically deliver insulin and it would never have to be refilled. In addition to that, it would have a liquid glucose case attached to his unibeam that would deliver glucose if his blood sugar drops. Tony’s helmet would also have sugar tabs if he wanted to use them instead. When Tony checks his blood toxicity, it would also tell him his blood sugar. That would happen by him saying, “Update.” The screen in his helmet would also show him his blood sugar graph as well as other graphs that he uses for being a superhero. Jarvis, his home computer, would remind Tony of all the things he needs to do to take care of his diabetes and also provide hiim reports of his blood glucose trends and map out changes to his basals and insulin to carb ratios.

That is my fantasy device and I hope that it is produced for anyone with diabetes by 2020.

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  1. Ooh, we like it. Such an elaborate plan. We are hoping for insulin through a nasal spray you take once a day. Clearly, not using our fantasy minds the way you all are!

  2. As we just saw Avengers, and I’m already a Batman-wannabe with my Pump/CGM/phone utility belt, I’M SO LIKING THIS IDEA!!! Is there a cool superhero D-mom suit to go with it, I wonder? Or you actually the mind behind Jarvis? Hmmm. Thanks for sharing this creative post! Pump bump to Caleb.

    1. The suit for supermom I’ll have to start working on – good idea, Mike. How did you like the movie? – Caleb

  3. AWE. SOME. i would like to have this suit before 2020, but i guess you gotta give them time to work it out. excellent, caleb!

    1. I would like to have it before too, but I don’t think the people who will make it have as advanced brains as Tony does – Caleb

  4. Me too! What a great comparison ( and upgrade)! Will share with my 8 yr old Superboy when he get home! You are AWESOME!

  5. i feel like i need to come over so we can all just have a big nerdy discussion about all things avengers. 🙂 #comicbooknerdsunite

  6. Hi Lorraine – just subscribed. Thanks for these posts and specifically the omnipod information. My daughter, Charlotte (age 7), was diagnosed T1D last October and we’ve been on shots up to this point. We attended a few JDRF seminars and all there report pumps are better – and your narrative on omnipod has been most helpful in choosing which one to try out. We’ve ordered the system, have a follow up w/ our endo folks in two weeks to hopefully get going, and hope all goes well.

    – Brent

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