Super Class Moms – World Diabetes Day | Friend Parade

Fellow Class Moms Dawne and Gigi with Caleb holding his special note

For the past three years, we have held awareness events at Caleb’s school for World Diabetes Day. This year, in addition to asking friends to wear blue, we collected dollars to support the efforts of Team Type 1 in Rwanda.

We did our usual – created an awareness flyer and made daily announcements at school. The community answered and we were able to contribute $500 and 600 test strips to Team Type 1’s cause.

I was on campus that day and was touched to see so many people wearing blue. I even noticed my friends and fellow class moms, Gigi and Dawne, were there, sporting their blue. “How nice,” I thought, “that they remembered to wear blue today.”

I was taking care of a few things in conjunction with the awareness video we showed the students and Gigi asked me if I would be heading to the classroom. I said, sure. I was a little confused trying to think of what was happening in class that day that I couldn’t remember.

I eventually made my way back to class where Gigi, Dawne and the class were waiting. They presented Caleb with a special note signed by each of them with the following sentiment:

In honor of our friend and classmate, Caleb Schlissel, for his dedication to the Team Type 1 project to help the children in Rwanda, we would like to donate $40 as a class to show our support and friendship.

Caleb and his family are helping less fortunate children receive the proper medications and supplies they need to manage their diabetes on a daily basis.

Way to go, Caleb!!!!

We had asked people to wear blue and contribute a dollar to the cause. Caleb’s class raised more than twice that and accounted for the biggest class donation of all the campus.

I was so surprised and touched that they would go out of their way and come into school just for Caleb. In retrospect, I really should not have been. They are wonderful moms and good friends. As I sit here today, five months later, I still get choked up by their thoughtfulness.

Thank you, Gigi and Dawne, for your kindness and generosity. It is a comfort and a blessing to have you as neighbors and friends. This will always be a special memory for Caleb and me.

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  1. What wonderful friends/parents. It doesn’t take much and they went over and beyond. I appreciate them as well.

  2. thanks for making me cry, jerkface!

    but seriously, thank you for sharing about the wonderful support you’ve received. i’ve got a similar post percolating for my blog. 🙂

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