Lisa and Lilly

Lisa and I met on a forum. I posted about some oddity we were experiencing and Lisa contacted me offline with some suggestions. I remember hitting it off with her immediately. We were like-minded. I was comfortable sharing every last detail of how we managed diabetes with no fear of being judged.

Comfort + acceptance = great friendship.

Lisa has a daughter, Lilly who is a year older than Caleb and was diagnosed about a year after Caleb. At the time of our meeting she was an Omnipodder and Dexcommer (she still is). Caleb was five and was Podding but hadn’t yet started Dexcomming.

Caleb and Lilly got to know each other through a whole series of videos. They recorded themselves just chatting and sharing about their lives. Although there were descriptions which included diabetes in their introduction videos, there was little to no talk about it beyond that. Here’s one of Caleb’s videos to Lilly. Not a word about D. (He’s such a youngin’ in this video, I hardly recognize him!)

Caleb and Lilly still keep in touch. They have graduated to email. Caleb gets very excited to hear he has a new message from Lilly. I don’t think they ever chat about diabetes. Because they live on opposite sides of the country, they’ve never actually met, but they are still good friends. Even though they don’t talk about it, I believe Caleb feels a special connection with Lilly because how of they are alike. They understand each other that way with no need to discuss it.

Lisa helped us through our DexCom transition. I was reluctant about starting. Lisa gave me a real, down and dirty overview of what it was like, then what to expect when we started, then answered any and all questions I had after that. She was my go-to-girl. She still is – for anything D related (and some things non D related). If there’s something I need advice on or just a sanity check, I go to Lisa. She’s always there for me.

Mmmm...Pinkberry. Bolus friendly and worthy.

Here’s one of the many tips Lisa gave me (it’s not all that earth-shattering, but at the time I hadn’t considered it and it was a godsend to us): frozen yogurt. Ice cream in any form makes for bonkers numbers for Caleb. He still has occasion to eat it, but froyo is a miracle. Just bolus and be on your merry way.

Thank you Lilly and Lisa! You are such good friends to Caleb and me. Thank you for always being there for us. I hope you know we are always here for you! Always.

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  1. This is such a great story 🙂 And Pinkberry is thee best!! Absolutely delicious. There aren’t any near me but Red Mango is a close second!

  2. How great that your son has connected with someone and how fun that they can communicate like that! We have had the same wonderful luck with froyo…I guess because it is low fat/fat free there is no fat spike. Amazing!

  3. Had Caleb not lost any of his baby teeth yet? Funny to hear L and C in the background (C shushing L). Enchanted is one of my faves too! Although I am sure it is no longer Calebs!! That is just so darn cute. And hmm, I’m sure when we first met 8+ years ago you NEVER would have thought you’d be saying podding and dexcomming! You’ve learned a new language!

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