Medtronic mySentry™ Remote Glucose Monitor

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  1. That’s huge for CWD and their parents, right? You are the first person I thought of when hearing about this. I think it looks awesome… Only downside is no Omnipod.

    Even cooler, had the same link/data available in your smartphone so you can get it ANYWHERE.

  2. Hi, Lorraine! I just heard about this from our pump trainer, then came home to see this! I have been waiting for something like this for so long, but now we’ve switched to the Dexcom sensor. I hope Dexcom will develop something like this!


  3. I’m with Jessica P. The features of this are great in theory, especially for monitoring children with Type I, but the actual glucose sensor in the Medtronic Revel system leaves a whole lot to be desired. When Dexcom (which already has a pretty good range and a very bright light and loud alarm) adds smartphone capability to their excellent CGM, then I’ll be interested in the concept.

  4. I’m with all of you. This is a great concept but could be even greater – Dexcom and smartphone all the way, which I think would also make the product in reach for many more users with a presumed lower price tag.

  5. My son is 9 and we use the Medtronic CGM. I know there are many who don’t think highly of it, but we chose Medtronic due to integration with the pump (which we will be going live on in the next couple of weeks) and also because of their investment in Diabetes research to develop products such as MySentry. We’ve had many instances of “Low Predicted” on the CGM that have been a saving grace. I’m hopeful to get the mySentry soon, but we shall see about insurance coverage!! Thanks for your blog…it brings me to tears when I read about other families experiencing the same challenges. Both my husband and son have type 1 and every day I worry about my other two children…..Love reading about your family and admire your son’s resilience and tenacity!

    1. Did you ever receive an answer to this? It breaks my heart if you can’t get what you need, but it seems Medtronic can get it to you anywhere?

  6. I just called Medtronic today and they said its on “special” for $2500 ($450 down, $160 a month) they are expecting some insurances to cover the cost. They haven’t had a chance to contact the insurance companies yet so I hope something is done sooner than later. I have had type 1 for 21 years, my 3 year old daughter has had blood sugars 140-160’s. Her A1C was 5.3 and the Pediatrician said not to worry…but I am. Any suggestions?

  7. I just got a brand new MySentry thinking I would use it (I’m 41). But realized that it is really for kids/parents. I would gladly sell it for $2,100. I bought it for $2,400 but I just don’t need it for myself. My ph is 317-565-7215

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