Past and Present | Video Pair #OmniPod

To close out this little chapter on Pod changing, we made a video of Caleb. In an effort to shorter the video’s length, it’s shown in double time, thus the crazy helium voices. I still cannot watch this without laughing.

As a comparison, here’s one of Caleb’s older videos – him helping with a Pod change about three and a half years ago at the age of five. It’s not double time, but he does have a cute little lisp.

Thanks to Jess for making me aware of the Caleb impersonator. Hopefully YouTube will address it soon and have the videos taken down.

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  1. I love the helium voices but I love even more how confident he s doing a site change. You are awesome Caleb! And what’s this about a Caleb impersonator???

    1. Someone created an account as “Caleb, 10 years old living with diabetes” and uploaded 11 of Caleb’s videos as his own. Reported to YouTube.

  2. Hilarious seeing the pod change in super speed!
    “OH, Yeah”…love it!
    Bean so wants to jump on the vlog bandwagon with a pod change…she just has to be in the mood to do it when it’s actually time to change a pod!! 😉

  3. Oh my! Has Caleb heard the pod change in double speed? LOL!

    I think it’s so great how you are showing other families how you make diabetes “work” for you guys.

    1. Has he?!? Rolling on the floor – literally. The kids’ favorite part is the strip scene. Mine is when he’s explaining in double time how he likes to place it where he’s used to it. He seems very overexcited about it. Not so much in regular time. 🙂

  4. Dude…the “bubble” part had me rolling! He is fantastic Lo!!! What a wonderful way to share with the DOC.

    I love the green color in your bathroom (?).

    1. Oh – at first I thought you meant the first video (which is the dining room – also green), but yes, that’s my bathroom in the old video! lol Thanks!

  5. That was so COOL! Have to admit that I heart the Chipod.

    Awesome kid you have there, my friend 😉

    And the impersonator….NERVE!

  6. love the juxtaposition of these two vids. and that adorable cowlick in the old one! 😀

    thanks for sharing these moments, it’s an inspiration to so many of us out here. 🙂

  7. Just now checking this out —- so love it.
    I was just about to post a cry for help —- need kids doing pod changes. Nate is really struggling right now so I want to show him so kiddos doing same – same. Ya know.

    So — thanks! Perfect timing. And he’ll think the chipmunk video is hilarious. I can’t wait to show him tomorrow!

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