How I Take Care of My Diabetes | by Caleb

Caleb is not only taking over his own diabetes care, now he’s taking over this blog. Here is his most recent writing essay from his summer work:

Caleb filling the Pod-fill syringe.

Now that I can take care of my pod changes by myself I am happy. Now I don’t have worries about when I grow up. I do feel a little sad because I don’t know what Mom is going to do. I am also proud. Mom is proud of me too. I feel good that I can change my pod.

I am starting to make the decisions and deal with diabetes on my own. I count my carbs and I bolus. I have also started a diabetes journal. It is as red as a blood drop. I keep track of pod placements, blood sugars, and carbs. I keep track of time too. I get the information from the pod controller. I am going to use the information to change my basal if I go low or high at a certain point of day. For pod placement I make sure that I don’t use that same spot too soon.

Watch out diabetes. HERE I COME!

From, Caleb

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  1. Caleb–
    Wow! You’re probably realizing you’ve known how to do all of this for a long time — the only difference is now you’re doing it more and more by yourself. I’m sure you’re quite the pro. Certainly not worried about you handling diabetes when you grow up. You can already do it now!

  2. Way to go, Caleb! You should be proud of yourself! Dont worry about the future! Your Mom will make sure you are prepared to manange your diabetes when the time comes! Congrats on the pod changes! That is wonderful!!!

  3. Hey Caleb,
    I am certain your mom will find something to do (there’s always, always a bathroom to clean) while you take over your d-care. I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself. It’s not easy but you’re a smart guy and so, I know you’re going to be great!

  4. Hey Caleb,

    Fantastic essay, thanks for sharing it here! I just noticed that the header on this blog says “written mostly by mom”. I love reading and watching stuff written and recorded by both of you guys!

  5. Caleb, I am so very proud of you for taking care of yourself. It means you are more independent and really maturing. That makes me proud. You should be proud of yourself too.

  6. Lorraine, This is AMAZING. I am so happy for you. You must feel such a sigh of relief, knowing that Caleb can care for himself.

    Truthfully, I’m a little envious. I’m actually going to write about it on my blog next week. You inspire me to be a better teacher for Matthew.

    But sometimes, I don’t know how to do that…..maybe you could share a few tips of how you have transferred the responsibility of diabetes.

    You and Caleb are nothing short of fantastic!

  7. How great is that. Congrats Caleb on taking charge of your Diabetes. I know your mom is proud of you. I am a dad (and a Type 1 Diabetic) and I have 2 kids myself. Luckily neither of them have Diabetes but seeing them grow up, while sad to see them grow so fast, it is rewarding know that they are becoming the person they are. I do not know you personally but your mom is a very proud parent and I can see why. Keep up the good work.

  8. You are doing such a terrific job, Caleb. That journal is a great idea – keeping track of all of that information is so important and it’s great that you are writing it all down in one place. And I love that the journal is red!! I keep all of my diabetes papers in a red folder too, because red reminds me of testing my blood sugar!!

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