Cha Cha-ing in the Pool | Just for fun #ffl11

There were lots of opportunity to dance at Friends for Life. The kids each had a session with DJ Miles where they learned the latest dance moves and really had a ton of fun. We danced at the banquet. We danced poolside. Colin went to a Tween dance social on his own and won a prize for extra special abilities. We danced and danced and danced.

Inspired by the adult crew, my trio has been incorporating their new dance moves not only on ground but in the water as well. So in response to Sara’s video (which I had no idea she was taping!) here’s a little smooth cha cha-ing…

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  1. What good exercise! Colin just amazes me that he does things by himself (like going to the 5th grade dance). He is one confident kid!

  2. They have got THE MOVES!!! Love it! (Did L go the right instead of the left at the beginning? Because I ALWAYS mess up my right and left. Always.)

  3. That was awesome! Your kids have some great dance moves 🙂

    And let me tell you, trying to dance in the water is quite a workout!

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