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Caleb recently shared some things on his mind. It was sad to see him upset, but I was more grateful to know his feelings. It’s been something I’ve fished for many times unsuccessfully. I think it has a lot to do with Caleb’s maturity; he’s beginning to not only formulate these thoughts, but also express them. Even so, I’m not sure when or if they would have come out if not for the You Can Do This Project, so again I give my applause and thanks to Kim.

If you missed the video from my guest post at What Some Would Call Lies, here it is:

Speaking of Kim, while in Florida, in between sessions with a rare moment to “hang” with Kim and Sara, I turned to Caleb and said, “Do you know who Kim is?” Since I’m the one who “knows” these people and Caleb has only a peripheral understanding of whom each is, I tried to make correlations for him whenever I could. I was pleasantly surprised at his response: “Kim Vlasnik?” My reply, “Yes, but do you know what she started?” A pensive pause and then, “Oh, the You Can Do This Project?” Yes sir!

The other day when it was time to change his Pod and we realized it was the back’s “turn”, I asked Caleb if he wanted to do it by himself. He eagerly agreed. Despite the worries he expressed in the video, he was fairly confident. He wasn’t sure that he could actually apply it to his back though, so I suggested doing a trial run with the adhesive backing still on. He did this. Easily. His confidence was boosted. A few moments later, the whole thing was done and he was literally bursting with pride. Okay – not literally bursting – but that’s sure what it felt like.

He was disappointed that we didn’t capture it on video. We did, however, capture his reaction immediately afterward. My only coaching to him was to be enthusiastic like Bill is in his videos (and in real life too for that matter). The result is that it comes across a little scripted, but it isn’t. This is what burst out of him when I said, “action.” He was, and still is, so happy he was able to do this.

Fear one conquered!

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  1. Wow, Caleb, you did that pod all by yourself?? On your back??? The back is the hardest place to put pods or pump sites or sensors – and you did it!!!!! Congratulations – you are AWESOME!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This post has me crying. And then laughing, because I’m so proud of Caleb, and because he’s a natural in front of the camera!!

    This is AWESOME! 😀

  3. ah Lorraine you have the most amazing son!! Every time I see that 1st video you posted I break down, he has stolen my heart!!

    and the 2nd video just made me smile a great big smile for you Caleb!! Great Job…very impressive!! What a ROCK STAR!!

  4. I love this so much. Thanks for sharing.

    It’s too easy to share frustration…but I think we are too busy celebrating to always share our successes. I’m glad you captured this.

  5. Way to go Caleb! Keep up the great work and attitude! You’ll have to capture it on video next time:)

  6. each video is so powerful in its own way. thank you so so much for sharing them both. i know they will help countless parents and kids.

  7. Caleb: You can do this, even without your mom. I know it. It’s tough, and sometimes now I still wish my mom could do it all for me like she did once, but we can do this – even if not by ourselves, then together. You, me, Mason, and ALL THE OTHERS out there who are living with diabetes. When you are scared or don’t know, or don’t think you can, there’s ALWAYS someone out there to remind you how AWESOME you are. Rock on, Caleb. Thanks for sharing some of that, and how scary it can be.

  8. Great Job Caleb! There is no greater accomplishment than conquering your fear. Kudos for kicking diabetes fear’s butt,!! 🙂

  9. Awesome! I love the shoulders back, chest pumped, confidence he portrays. This made me smile because it’s those moments that last much longer with parents and create milestones. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Way to go Caleb!

    Lorraine- Okay, so totally crying over here. My question is: how does Caleb (or you) get the darn bubbles out of the syringe? I have the hardest time with that and can’t see Q being able to do it. Is there a bubble removing trick I don’t know about?

    1. Leighann – I totally know what you mean about the bubbles. It’s always been the hardest part for me too. I’ve got some tricks that have helped and it’s rarely an issue anymore.

      I don’t know how – maybe it’s because kids don’t have anxiety like I do – but Caleb just did it tonight without the slightest difficulty. Just squeezed that bubble out like magic. Q will be the same. I know it.

  11. I just wanted to say this really moved me. You have done such a great job with Caleb. He seems to be an amazing young man already, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown up from those first OmniPod videos we watched when Liam had just been diagnosed. I am so proud of him for proving to himself that he can do this. 🙂

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