You Can Do This | by Caleb #YouCanDoThisProject

Kim from Texting my Pancreas started the You Can Do This Project to allow people to tell their stories about living with diabetes and also to watch and read these stories and hopefully be inspired. Visit Kim’s special page to learn more and see a list of links to all the contributions.

Here ‘s what Caleb has to say. As he puts it, you CAN do this!

16 Replies to “You Can Do This | by Caleb #YouCanDoThisProject”

  1. Caleb, Game on? Oh yeah? You saw my Whiffle Ball Skills before, you never saw my basketball skills! Game on! Great video guys!

  2. Hey, Caleb! Great video, and we CAN Do this! : )
    I just found you under Tracy’s blog list-I’ve seen your comments before! : ) Great to see you, and your site is so clean! : ) Love.
    : ) Holly

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