10 Things, by Caleb | #dblogweek

The prompt for today is “Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes”.

Caleb was quite eager to respond to this, but he started to struggle for ideas after number five.


1. Changing my Pod

2. Changing DexCom

3. Having to wake up in the middle of the night to change my Pod

4. Feeling low

5. Not being able to eat right away when I’m high

6. Having to always prick myself

7. Feeling lousy when I’m high

8. Having to explain myself to other people who ask me what I’m doing when I’m checking my sugar

9. Having to deal with my blood sugar in weird places and weird positions like at a party

10. Having to change my Pod every other day

That’s Caleb’s list, now I’m going to insert my voice on this one. I think the thing that I hate most about diabetes is that even when you follow all the rules, and you’ve spent countless – and I mean countless – hours analyzing data, trends, etc., and you put forth more effort than you’ve ever put into anything in your life, you still fail to achieve the desired results.  If diabetes played fairly, it would still be a royal pain in you-know-what, but it would be much less so.

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  1. Glad that Caleb is answering the questions again this year – sad that he can, however.

    (and rules? what rules? if there were rules, would there be…?)

  2. Seriously. We should get to cry foul, when we follow the rules and D doesn’t. What an a-hat. Great list, Caleb – I’m right there with you, minus the Dex and Omnipod.

  3. Great list Caleb! And I couldn’t agree with you more Lorraine about diabetes playing fair … I so wish it did to be able to cope better.

  4. I hate that our kids even have to think about writing about what they don’t like about diabetes. It breaks my heart.

  5. Could not agree with you more, Lorraine! I am buried in data and sometimes feel as if we’ve not learned a thing from it.

  6. Oh, sweet boy! I know Jack would agree with Caleb.

    The thing you hate the most is one of the things I hate the most, and yet, somehow I forgot to add it to my list.

  7. Great list Caleb! I agree with you all the way! Lorraine, I agree with you all the way, too! It’s some of the most severe injustice I’ve ever known this diabetes!

  8. My infatuation with your boys continues. If I don’t get at least ONE for a son-in-law I will be totally disappointed!
    I am sure the waking up in the middle of the night thing is shared by you Lorraine! Where have you been, I’m getting worried. I’ve got millions of dollars to give you.

  9. Thanks for this list, Caleb! And your thoughts too, Lorraine. I’m gonna share it with L when she gets home. She’s gonna make her own list too, I think.

  10. that’s a great list, Caleb! and Lo…you do such a thorough job working at D…it plays by its own rules…dagnabit!!!

  11. I think #8 and #9 go hand in hand for me. Some days I just don’t want to explain it or feel strange looks from people when I’m testing or fiddling with my pump. And I think you nailed the idea of how much effort we put into this disease to end up with mixed results.

  12. I totally agree Lorraine! Why my boys have the same afternoon snack three days in a row…and the boluses yield different results every time, is beyond me.

  13. Lovely list! I can really understand all of it…
    but why does Caleb have 2 pods in the photo?

    1. He has the one he deactivated and the one he’s activating on. When he removes the old Pod he uses a solution to make the adhesive come off more easily. If he lets it sit for a few minutes, it comes off very clean. If he takes it off right away, some of the adhesive remains on his skin and it gets a goopy and messy. So, long story short, he puts the solution on before he starts the Pod change, and pulls it off once he’s done. 🙂

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