Dear Diabetes, by Caleb | #dblogweek

As I did last year, I am letting Caleb author the Diabetes Blog Week posts.

Since Caleb has no appreciation or lack of thereof, for that matter, for the differences among people living with diabetes, there isn’t much to say on yesterday’s topic. He just simply isn’t aware enough about what is different about being type 1 versus type 2 or being an adult versus a child versus a caregiver. He doesn’t really care. I see that as a good thing. At his age he’s just living life, not focusing on it and I think that’s appropriate for an eight year old.

He was, however, willing to write a letter to diabetes. Here is is:

Dear Diabetes,

Sometimes you get annoying like when I am high or low. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have diabetes. It really sucks, but I got used to you. I want a cure. Please go away. It would help.

P.S. I want to let you know you’re not going to bring me down, – I’ll always be standing up!

Your owner,


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    1. From Caleb:
      I bet you have a kick-butt mom too. (laughing the entire time because you said the word “butt”)

  1. Caleb, I love hearing your voice. You put this well; it is a pain and it would be great if D went on a long walk off a cliff! My little boy is nearly five and he looks at the photos of you on this site sometimes and is very impressed at an older boy who is THRIVING and doing so well. You rock! P.S. So does your Mum but you already know that, hey?

    1. From Caleb:
      Yup, I already know that. Give your little boy a high five from me and tell him he can write to me anytime!

  2. Thanks Caleb! My son feels the exact same way sometimes. Thanks for sharing. Your a brave young man!

    Thanks mom for posting! It’s nice to know your not alone;-)


    1. From Caleb:
      Thanks Jen. Tell your son I said, “hi” and to stay strong!

    1. From Caleb:
      Thanks Lauren. At first I thought you meant that you had the creeps, but my mom explained that having chills meant you were excited, so I hope you have chills all the time!

    1. From Caleb:
      Hi Susan. Thank you for commenting. I think you are so awesome too!

  3. What a great letter, Caleb! You rock, my man! Keep up the great work. Oh, and by the way – we’re SO standing up right there with you and following your lead!

    1. From Caleb:
      Thanks Mike. I think we should have an assembly since we are all standing up!

    1. From Caleb:
      Don’t cry! Ninjas don’t cry! Thanks for the ninja burger recipe!

    1. From Caleb:
      We nailed it, we drilled it, we nut and bolted it. Get out of here diabetes!

  4. I love Caleb’s honesty! He cuts straight to the chase! The part that really hits me is when he signs it ‘Your owner’ – You got that right Caleb!!!!

    1. From Caleb:
      A lot of people like that. Hi Penny. Your name shouldn’t be Penny it should be million because you’re so nice!

  5. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE the “YOUR OWNER”…now that is some young man you got there. I definitely don’t see him being held back by “D” or anything else for that matter Lo.

    Fist Bump to Caleb please…along with “a job well done”.

  6. That is right, Caleb. You own it and you are its boss. Never give up!!!

  7. Hi Caleb,

    I LOVE that you are your diabetes’ owner! Sometimes I think of my diabetes as a baby, ’cause I have to take care of it all the time and sometimes it whines, while other times it is pretty happy. Thanks for your posts Caleb…


  8. Short, sweet, to the point. He should have written my letter today…he could have said the same thing in about one-third of the space. And I’m loving the “owner” thing too. I’ve never thought of myself as the owner of my diabetes. Brilliant. ~Amy~

  9. Love his attitude… “your owner”! HA!

    I’ve missed you, btw. Glad you’re back. Good to hear from Caleb too.

  10. Love this letter….I’m pretty certain Charlotte would be in total agreement with all of that. Love the closing, “Your Owner”….fantastic…that about says it all! Great job, Caleb!

  11. I love this letter – I especially love how he signed it. Your Owner. That’s right, Caleb you own diabetes – it doesn’t own you.

    BTW – Caleb = sweetest boy ever!!

  12. Oooh, Caleb said sucks. I can’t imagine that would be allowed in your house!

  13. Hi Caleb and Lorraine,
    About a month a go I was diagnosed with Type:1, I am 16 years old. To put it simply Ive been having a few tough days, this made me smile. Thanks Caleb
    Emma x

  14. “Your owner” gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I have almost 10 years with diabetes i and never have I thought of owning diabetes. You made me realize how important it is to fight back and show diabetes who’s boss. Thank you for your simple but inspiring letter.

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