DCamp Part 4 | Photo Montage – The Barton Center


Post banana-sling in the Banana Olympics (paramedics to heal the banana wounds)
Prepping for special Banana Olympics version of Gah-Gah
Spontaneous after hours dance in the dining hall
Prepping for the parent pageant - Dave in a dress!
Much more manly - crossing over easily on the first try (me - not so much)
Taking a very rare rest
Inside the boys' dining hall - Camp Joslin
More archery
Making fortune tellers - my kids can do this for hours!
Working on fortune tellers at Rainbow Ridge
Arts and crafts
Holding hands with new friend
No hands lunch
So, so tired - dressed up for the dance, but didn't really make it for long
Walking to the dining hall after BGMs and insulins ("99" was Caleb's number choice and is a #bgnow reference)
Braiding hair waiting for the dining hall bell to ring
Gathering for last day ceremonies
Saying good-byes
Teaser for the Highlight video coming next week...

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Up next – The Absolute Highlight of DCamp Video and The People that Make DCamp What It Is

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  1. So, I am curious about Dave and the “pickle” pic ~ hehe. Looks like a blast and I honestly love the candidness of the pix. I hope to make it someday as Joe’s wants and needs allow. xoxo

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