OmniPod Carnage for the Sake of Math

Batteryless Pods

The 100th day of school is upon us and Caleb was tasked to collect 100 small things in a non see-through bag for his classmates to shake about and guess its contents.

Caleb picked OmniPod batteries.

Each Pod has 4 small batteries. Getting the batteries out of Pods is not necessarily a speedy process. This all lent nicely to doing some math.

  • How many Pods do we need to pry open to get 100 batteries?
  • We have 36 batteries. Have we collected more or less than a quarter of what we need? A third?
  • We’ve opened 12 Pods and have 48 batteries.  What percentage of completion have we reached?
  • We have 76 batteries. How many more Pods do we need need open to reach 100?
  • And so on and so on.

It was fun! Who knew Pods could be such a useful math tool?

Pod Batteries

20 Replies to “OmniPod Carnage for the Sake of Math”

  1. Who NEW?
    That is cute. We had to go with the 100 pony bead necklace. As if that hasn’t been done 1000 times already.
    So clue me in,…a pod can be used for how long? Do you normally recycle them or just throw them away? Are they considered medical waste? Where do you buy them?

    1. Erin, you are a peach for being interested and asking.

      Caleb uses a Pod for two or three days. They will expire at 80 hours for safety reasons since a tube is inserted in the skin. They can be recycled through a program the company has or in various other ways, like school projects and Christmas ornaments. 🙂 We get them directly through the company with a doctor’s prescription.

  2. Ah Lorraine! I was getting worried about you . . . . . too quiet! I bet the best part was busting those little pods open. Great idea and wonderful tool for more awareness! Love it!

  3. Love it! Very creative.

    I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed you. : )

    We’re still working on the school numbers, but getting closer! Thank you for your help. I may pick your brain again soon!

  4. 100 bg test strips? I keep my used batteries from the pump and bg monitor as well as those from my hearing and flashlights in a 2 liter olive jar and, then, I recycle them. . . 100 days marked with 100 b atteries! Great idea!

    1. He did test strips in kindergarten. 🙂 He made a picture of flowers and the 100 test strips were the petals. I found a pic: 100th Day K

      He’ll get all the batteries back so they can still be recycled too!

  5. what a wonderful mother you are for doing all that with your son. When my husband did the omnipod trial we popped open a pod and were surprised to find all the batteries it has.
    Did his classmates guess?

  6. Was reading your twitter posts about Caleb switching back to Novolog and will be anxiously waiting your results. I started to experience the same with the pods (except I have been using Novolog with my pods and before the pods when I was on medtronic) . By the end of day two/beginning of day three I would hover in the 200’s and not budge no matter what I bolused. I became so frustrated I switched back to my Medtronic pump for the time being and have not had a problem. Will be interesting to see if change in insulin works Caleb and give some hope that it’s not the pods!

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