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  1. You are too darn cute!

    We are still considering CWDFFL in Orlando, but we may need corporate sponsorship this year, lol!

    If we don’t get to Orlando, we are probably going to the tech weekend in Cincinnati, OH in March. I would love to know if anyone is going to Ohio.

    1. I would definitely go somewhere closer to home if there was something! Go Leighann and give us all the low down!

  2. Oh we would LOVE to go, but it’s always the 4th of July week and we are ALWAYS at the beach then for our summer vacation. Maybe one of these years, but not in 2011. I hear it’s life-changing. I expect a full report Lorraine! You all will have a blast!

  3. I am leaving a comment to tell you how CUTE you are Lo!!!! Loved this! I will talk to Dave to see if we can make it. It would be so much fun and to see some of our on-line friends would be the icing on the cake so to speak.


    1. Hope you can go Reyna, but if not I know we’ll be seeing you before then anyway! Can’t wait!

  4. Yet another comment telling you how cute you are! And, sadly, no. We will not be attending unless I get in on that corporate sponsorhip deal Leighann mentioned ;). I will, however, be waiting patiently by my computer for some vlog updates while you are there!!!!!!!

  5. I agree, you are way way way cute. (And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) And you know this already, but I’ll tell you again . . . I. AM. GOING. BABY!!! Bringing my SweetPea (aka the husband) along too. I am so freaking excited – I just can’t wait!!!! 🙂

  6. I would love to go but we can’t afford it 😦 I’m not aware of corporate sponsorship… can somebody give me info? 🙂 Thanks

  7. Ladies, she is SO much cuter in real life and YES TODAY IS HER B-DAY! No Lo, we will not be there, duh, but I had to comment on your cuteness. Although I would not say cute, I’d say pretty. Speaking of looks, Abby got another piercing in her ear and Kate got her ears pierced this weekend. Kate said she wants to get her nose pierced next. I was telling her she might get a job in the business world like dad where a hole in the nose is really not acceptable. Somehow we got on the subject of cool and nerd (like I am a nerd but I can have cool kids). Abby determined you are cool based on your 9 piercings and your clothes yet you have a son who is, well, Colin. But we determined Colin is not a nerd because he doesn’t wear sweater vests but he is on the level of Freddie Benson or Logan of Big Time Rush (which is like smart cool). Where am I going with this? I just wanted to tell you Abby thinks you are cool. SO now you are cute, pretty AND cool (to 10 yr olds).

  8. I am registered!! Just have to get the plane tickets 🙂 I’m really hoping nothing comes up by then to keep us from going since it’s a bit away but I’m doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening!! I cannot tell you how excited I am!!

  9. I’m seeing if I can make it work. It would only be me though. 😦 I checked for the entire fam and the plan alone is over 3200.00. 😦 BOO!

    1. Dude – is there going to be any “hang out” time? It sounds like it’s a crazy schedule. 🙂 Whatever the case, it will be great to have the Ninjas together. I bet Lila and Caleb will do an “All the Diabetics’ performance for you!

  10. I will be there! Kim (txtngmypancreas) and I are rooming together. Karen and I will be knitting together (and possibly teaching others – I hear the Ninjabetic wants to learn). I am so freaking excited to meet everyone!

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